Spotlight on Rue Bonaparte, Paris

This week we’re shining our spotlight on rue Bonaparte in Paris! We want to share with you just a few among our favorite galleries in this historic heart of Saint Germain des Pres.



Table by Claude-Victor Boeltz, circa 1970, in bronze, amethyst and glass. Image courtesy of Galerie Yves Gastou

Galerie Yves Gastou specialises in 20th century and contemporary design and its always exciting to visit the gallery. We wrote about their wonderful ‘Hommage to Philippe Hiquilly’ exhibition in a previous post. The gallery first opened with an exhibition of the work of Ettore Sottsass in 1985.  Sottssas also designed the gallery and the distinctive ‘terrazzo’ front (marble and cement). Gastou shows an impressive range of design from the 1940s-1980s along with contemporary pieces. Eclectic and inspiring, we love visiting here!


Console table with two levels, after a drawing from the 1970s by Philippe Hiquilly. Base in hammered brass and tops in fossilized wood. Image courtesy of Galerie Yves Gastou.

GYG-Kuijpers-Exposition-2-1The work of Gerard Kuipjers in Galerie Gastou. Image courtesy of Galerie Gastou.


Galerie BSL is resolutely contemporary in the design they show. Its a jewel of a gallery and they show the work of a diverse range of designers like Carol Egan (which we love), along with pieces by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and Nacho Carbonnel among others.


Sand cast silicone bronze upholstered stool by Carol Egan. Image courtesy of Galerie BSL


‘Naturoscopie I’ carbon fiber, aluminium and copper shelf, 2012 by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. Image courtesy of Galerie BSL


Jean-Jacques Dutko is the world renowned specialist on the work of Eugene Printz. Along with exquisite Art Deco pieces, Galerie Dutko also shows modern and contemporary design so that we find a wonderful and original mixture of pieces whenever we visit. The elegant forms of Eric Schmitt’s beautiful bronze guéridons and glass vases mingle with the stark and minimalist work of Bruno Romeda…..and you spy a beautiful Art Deco piece a few steps away. There is a sense of drama that is irresistible! They also have a gallery on Ile Saint Louis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 18.27.47

Bureau in walnut by Eugene Printz. Image courtesy of Galerie Dutko

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 18.24.39Guéridons FUJI and STROMBOLI, 2012, Eric Schmitt. Image courtesy of Galerie Dutko

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 18.23.48Low table in brass and marble by Bruno Romeda. Image courtesy of Galerie Dutko

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 18.26.37Console by Benoit Lemercier. Image courtesy of Galerie Dutko

We hope you enjoyed this small selection of some of our favorites to inspire you!

Poetry in Motion – The ‘Sculptures Lumineuses’ of Bastien Carré

Celeste by Bastien Carré

‘Celeste’,  2013
We’re very excited this week to show you the enchanting ‘sculptures lumineuses’ of artist, Bastien Carré from Aveyron in South West France. We have seen one installed in an appartment in Paris and it looked both delicate and imposing, with the beautiful twinkles of light on their graceful structure swaying very gently in the subtle air currents.
While studying design in Paris,  Carré experimented with lighting and the intense emotions it can provoke. The vast and unexplored creative potential of LEDS fascinated him and this became his medium of choice in 2007, stimulating his imagination and combining his scientific leanings with his artistic sensibilities. LEDs use less power than standard bulbs and last longer so are highly energy efficient. He transformed an electrical circuit into a subtle and creative work of art by hand-welding each LED onto a framework of electrical wires, straddling the borders between illuminated sculpture, lighting and art. His use of very thin steel wire which is most of the time less than 0.5mm in diameter means that they are extremely light. These spectacular pieces he calls ‘lumigraphies’.  Explains Carré, ‘they are ‘luminous sculptures as they are not simply functional objects but artistic pieces’.
fee pompette
‘Fée Pompette’,  2011
Each piece is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Carré’s earlier pieces were limited editions of 8 but he is now working more on specific commissions from clients ‘sur mesure’ and moving towards producing unique pieces.
Messager by Bastien Carré
‘Le Messager’,  2012
His work is attracting serious attention. On meeting him in 2012, the Italian designer Ingo Maurer noted his talent and potential:  “In Bastien Carré’s work his poetic tenderness and technical skill impress me. I know that he still has a lot of experience ahead of him but I am convinced that one day he will play in the Super League”
Ingo Maurer, May 2013.
Collection Vendome
Vendome Collection
 Two of Carré’s latest luminous sculptures (above) – Collection Vendome
Check out our Q & A below with Bastien Carré  and enjoy the video of his exquisite work.
‘I can’t really speak about a philosophy. When I was a student of industrial design in Paris, we were taught that we had to follow a process and explain our projects to show why they were good. I never adhered to this idea because for me, a successful creation is one which surpasses explanation: the public need to be able to understand the piece and to appreciate it without listening to a discourse on it. My philosophy, if I have one is to create pieces which can be loved and appreciated just as they are by the largest number of people possible’.
‘There are some Lumigraphie pieces which spring to mind more easily than others, like ‘La Fée Pompette’ or ‘Electrostatique’ which touch the soul, but I don’t really have a single piece which absolutely represents me: its really a combination of things –  of all sorts aesthetics, of volumes, of colors, from painting to sculpture passing by mobile creations. Each piece is born from a combination of these elements, and the wish to go further, to explore to the maximum the possibilities offered by LEDs. For me, logically, I have a tendency to feel that the pieces that best represent me and what I like to show are my most recent ones  – at the moment the Collection Vendome – because they are technically and aesthetically the finest that I have ever created. Every time I look back at a piece I say to myself that it is good but that I could do better. What makes me advance incessantly is to be never totally satisfied’.

Les lumigraphies de Bastien Carré from Bastien Carré on Vimeo.

Definitely a talent to watch!

Interview with NY art advisor Natasha Schlesinger


“The journey of art collecting itself gives the kind of satisfaction and pleasure in life that is hard to find elsewhere.” – Natasha Schlesinger Founder of ArtmuseNY.

As an educator and advisor of art in NYC, Natasha Schlesinger shares her enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the art world with clients of all stages. From galleries to studio visits, to museums and fairs she knows her way around town! We’ve had the priveledge to work with Natasha on several occasions and want to share with you, our readers, her expertise.  She recently became curator of the Surrey House in NYC. It seemed like the perfect time to catch up with her. Enjoy!


What drew you to this métier? I have been interested in art and art history since I was 17 years old and took my first art history class in high school. I loved that objects could speak for history and people’s stories from ancient times to the present. I would say it has been a journey of discovery and learning since that time. I have worked in many aspects of the art field from the decorative arts as a specialist at Christie’s to a researcher in the old master paintings field to an educator for a graduate program to my present day company ArtMuse that specializes in educating and consulting clients in all aspects of art.

What is your philosophy on collecting? I believe that first and foremost those interested in collecting need to love what they are buying on a very immediate and personal level. It has to speak to them, to excite them through aesthetics or content or perhaps the artist him or herself.

What is the best way to start collecting? I think the best way to start collecting is to go and see art at museums, at galleries or exhibits. One needs to see as much as possible in order to understand what aspects of art might appeal to them. If there is an art class or tour or a specialist in your area, I would seek them out and acquire a little bit of an education on the art in general.



What is hot right now in NY? In many ways figurative art and art that responds to the great artists of the past has seen a come back here. I feel that many young contemporary artists are working with a glance over their shoulder to the past, learning from and conversing with it. But overall, artists are not grouped into movements or styles per say. Most artists working today work in a variety of media and are have an individualist style and form of expression.

What are three benefits of collecting art and objects? The journey of art collecting itself gives the kind of satisfaction and pleasure in life that is hard to find elsewhere. Art of course does allow a collector to not just own it with some potential monetary benefits, but to live with and enjoy it every day in their own home. Art does offer a potential to invest your money in objects that will retain their significance and value for many years to come and can be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

How does collecting art impact your life? Art will always serve as an educational tool for people of all ages. Through collecting you will inevitably learn about various cultures, personal stories, politics, society and aesthetics.


Tell us the story about when you became the curator for the Surrey House In NY! I came to the Surrey through my capacity as a creator of art experiences but I officially came on board after a successful single artist show we put together with works by Mark Boomershine. After that show, we decided that a collaboration between ArtMuse and the Surrey will expand upon their art collection and engage the hotel in the contemporary art conversation.

What other art events are you involved with in NY? I am continuously creating art events for various organizations and entities such as YPO, the Alzheimer’s foundation, Magnises group among many others. They range from galleries exploration to meeting artists to panel discussions that encourage the sharing and conversation on art and art collecting in general amongst other relevant issues.

How do you work with your clients? And how do you work with those who might not live in NY but are passing through and would like a guided shopping tour. I am an art consultant so I normally charge my clients a set commission percentage on each purchase. It will range depending on the price of the art. I also charge an hourly fee for preparing and taking my clients around the city to various art destinations that would appeal and work for my clients based on their taste, interest and budget.


Where are the best places to buy art? I think that the best way to buy art is through reputable dealers and galleries . One then develops solid relationships and trust with them. I do feel that going to the art fairs is an amazing way to learn about the art field in general and to see more galleries and more artists in a day than one can usually see in several trips. I don’t think it’s necessarily the best way to buy while rushed at the fairs, but it is a great way to see more.

What are the most important art fairs to visit in NY? Do you offer tours around these fairs? I do provide tours for the art fairs in NY. The next important art fairs opening up in the spring are the Armory Show in March, with additional smaller satellite fairs happening simultaneously like Pulse, the AIPAD fair in April and the Frieze Art Fair in May.

What’s your most important advice for new clients/collectors? Establish a budget that you would like to work with, learn as much as you can what it is that you like in the art field and definitely consult a specialist to guide you through the process. I promise it will be worth your while and will save you time, money and aggravation.

Natasha has a great website Artmuse that tells readers about upcoming art events in NYC and includes all the information about her advisory services and tours.

We encourage you to take one of her tours on your next trip to NY!


Beatrice Serre – Celestial Crystal Mosaics


Detail of a table top of primarily pyrite and travertine.

Beatrice Serre is a Parisian artist who graduated from the National School of Applied Arts and Craft with a concentration in Architectural Decoration (fresco, lacquer, mosaic).  She has been developing her mosaic work as artworks and recently has incorporated it into quite stunning table tops.  She will be showing her work in in Marseille this March at SIAC (Salon International de l’Art Contemporain). She states, “Since the day my first Byzantine mosaic came to life until today when the minerals form a celestial sky in my wall sculpture and tables – its been 20 years. My passion for this art has never been more essential to me. It is in perpetual evolution as I use more and more elaborate techniques in my themes and aesthetic research.  Mosaics stays in my hands the language the most universal open to you!

Her artist statement at te end of the catalogue for her retrospective in 2013 states,  « Pour être Mosaïste, il faut avoir un cœur à fendre la pierre. » Her work is a form of meditation she says. She has a spiritual approach that evolves to create a harmony in her work inspired more and more by nature.

There is soothing balance between the precious, smooth and shiny materials and the rough surface. It creates a powerful harmony that seems to carry it’s own circling energy, which culminates with rising of beauty and majesty in the center.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.44.07 PM

Low table in black & smoky quartz, granite, 24 carat gold enamel, crystal, molten glass, mirror, lapis-lazuli & patinated steel.
132 cm long and 45 cm high, unique piece that is signed

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.44.26 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.01.17 AM

Low table in carrera marble, quartz, glass, travertine, bronze, molten glass and 24 carat gold enamel.

132 X 80 cm, long and 44 cm high, unique piece that is signed

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.01.28 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.01.45 AM

Beautiful bronze!


Pair of deer antler chairs, 19th century, Northern Europe

One of a pair of 19th century Northern European deer antler chairs


The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris holds a wonderful surprise – along with the permanent exhibition (see the deer antler chair above!) we were entranced by the stunning lighting and decorative features throughout the museum.  This private museum’s collection, founded in 1964 by François and Jacqueline Sommer, is housed in the beautiful hotel de Mongelas in the Marais.



Saint Clair Cein wall appliquer

Bronze light appliqué by Saint Clair Cemin
These wonderful bronze wall appliqués in whimsical biomorphic shapes reinforce the theme of the museum’s collection, creating an impression of floating through a wonderful fairyland woodland grove. They are the work of Brazilian designer Saint Clair Cemin who studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Bronze chandelier by Saint Clair Cemin
Bronze chandelier by Saint Clair Cemin
Also by Saint Clair Cemin, are these evocative chandeliers in bronze referencing the curving forms and tendrils of plants, as well as the strong forms of antlers, connecting to the collection.
Bronze ceiling light by Franck Evennou
Ceiling light in bronze by Franck Evennou
The tour de force was the ceiling light in one of the rooms by Franck Evennou – a forest of bronze stalks with lights sprouting from the ceiling emanating an discreet and ethereal light. The effect was mesmerizing and created a cohesive wholeness to the room. We expected to come across Sleeping Beauty any minute!
This is truly a tribute to the power of spectacularly designed lighting.  Both functional and a form of creative expression, it can form the centre point of any interior when carefully considered and chosen.
Bronze Table basse LOTUS de Franck Evennou
Low ‘Lotus’ table in bronze by Franck Evennou
Following on from the image above of Franck Evennou’s fabulous ceiling light, we thought you might like to see some more of this super-talented designer’s work which is clearly inspired by nature. Working primarily in bronze and wood, his use of organic forms is expressive and creative.
Franck EVENNOU PAIRE DE GUERIDONS TRIPODES en bronze à patine brune, plateau circulaire en ardoisePair of ‘Tripode’ guéridons in bronze with ardoise table tops by Franck Evennou

Get to know our services in 2016!

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Artecase Video photo

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I recommend Artecase as guides and advisors of design and decorative art in Paris.”

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Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.14.16 AM


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, PAD PARIS, March 2015
We’re looking forward to the Spring! Mark your calendars for the 20th Edition of PAD PARIS fair which will take place 31 March-3 April 2016 in the Tuileries, Paris.  It is one of our favorite fairs and is certainly the foremost collectible design fair in the city. A host of international galleries take part and this year there are some interesting new participants. For anyone interested in the collectible design market, this is a must-see fair!
To get the most out of the fair, book a complimentary private guided tour with us. We will help you navigate through the fair, focusing on specific significant pieces from a historic, aesthetic and market-driven perspective. We can help you make informed decisions and facilitate purchases.
Here are some images of galleries at PAD Paris 2015:
Galereri Jacques Lacoste
Galerie Jacques Lacoste
Galerie Hervouet
GUILLEMAINGalerie Alexandre Guillemain
Maria WettergrenGalerie Maria Wettergren
FullSizeRenderSusan with PAD Paris founder, Patrick Perrin
Testimonials from happy clients!
“Artecase skillfully navigated me through the Fair and considerably enriched my experience of it by showing me pieces I wouldn’t necessarily have seen, explaining the significance of works and providing information and insight about designers. Their knowledge of the market is impressive. I was interested in exploring and looking for pieces for my home and they offered valuable and constructive guidance and advice, making the whole experience a pleasure. It was enlightening, informative and fun and I would highly recommend booking one for people in the market for collectible design”.
Yvonne Lalonde, Paris.
PAD Paris 2015
“Artecase were not only very knowledgeable about design but also made the tour experience really fun and enjoyable”.
Kyle Ke, Accessories Collection Designer, Ralph Lauren, New York
PAD Paris 2014
Our passion is collectible design and our aim is to transmit this passion to you, whether you’re in the market to purchase or are just starting to explore.
Contact us for information and to book a complimentary private guided tour

Curated Spaces

Expanding on the traditional ‘decorator interiors’ Christie’s and Sotheby’s hosted influential bloggers and top designers in there exhibition spaces this fall, asking them to compose interiors using objects in their design sales mixed with Modern and Contemporary artwork.

The results are truly inspiring!
It made us think back to the powerful and provocative exhibition curated by Murray Moss at Phillips de Pury entitled “Dialogues between Art & Design”  a few years ago and the video series accompanying it in which he talks about  experiencing objects, the myth of  ‘good taste’ and other inspiring perspectives on design.
Click here to see inspiring interiors from the fall sales and Murray’s videos.

Interiors are always personal and they reflect our values and aspirations as much as our aesthetic.

They also influence our behavior and outlook.

That is why it is important to make informed choices about the objects in our lives.

We hope you enjoy these various interiors and feel inspired to create an interior in 2016 that reflects your best self!


 Alchemy: Art x Design curated by Reed and Delphine Krakow, Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s. Interiors designed using objects from the Important Design Sale were paired with Modern and Contemporary art “We wanted to create a dialogue between seemingly disparate ideas,” said Mr. Krakoff. Here are some of the inspiring results:




Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s NY


Design Bloggers invited to use objects in a November Christie’s Interiors sale to create a room.

Fabrice Bana, A-Gent of Style

grant-pierrus-1Grant Pierrus, Interior Style Hunter


Martyn White, Martyn White Designs


In a series of video interviews, Moss shares his unique perspectives on decor, “good” taste, and how one lives with art and design.

He speaks divinely!! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.12.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.16.47 PM

If you are hooked and want there more of Murray go to his website.

Yves Klein’s Blue globe recreated by Lalique


Yves Klein declared that the whole world is blue. And so he created a model globe to mark his statement. This was 4 years before Russian cosmonaut Gagarin commented: “The Earth is an intense deep blue!”


The Yves Klein Archives worked together with Lalique to recreate “le Globe Terrestre Bleu”— the terrestrial blue globe,  a crystal version of the blue globe Yves Klein first created in 1957. Click here to go to the Lalique website.