Friday Finds! Joseph Gallery 123 Turenne for Paris Design Week 2015

Here are some of the pieces Galerie Joseph will be showing for Design Week.  Definitely on our radar! Look out for our coverage on Instagram and Twitter.

8d5c63_eebb93d84ac64322a027f2d7acc0db1d.jpg_srb_p_680_626_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb‘Ananas’  low table by Ginger & Jagger. Top in marble: Estremoz or Negro Marquina. Metal structure in brass coated in gold, copper or nickel. 


8d5c63_7835f7507ce9499da81a7cefc7401462.jpg_srb_p_600_626_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbLighting by Atelier Areti (the super talented sisters, Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer).


8d5c63_0395608885944f16948b1d7c62a67c4b.jpg_srb_p_600_626_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbThe ‘Random’  chandelier in Perspex, stainless steel and nickel plated parts by Miranda Watkins.



Cubic chair by Belingardi Stefano



The ‘Modular 28 Fair’  tables on a domino theme in plastic, wood and white gold by Beatrice Blanchard


All images courtesy of Galerie Joseph

Galerie Joseph 123 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris.

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Paris Design Week 5-12 September 2015

Friday Finds! AD Interiors Paris 2015



The 6th edition of AD Interiors opens in the beautiful Palais d’Iena this weekend (5-20 September).  The theme is ‘A l’avant garde du style’ and 15 designers and interior architects will be imagining and creating the ‘interiors of the future’. We’re showing you here a sneak preview so you can see the explosion of talent on display. Just makes your heart beat that little bit faster!


An office by Arthur Miranda and Jacques Bec of d’Oitoemporio. Look at the exquisite Italian Futurist glass table to the left and the 1970s fauteuils by Paco Rabanne.



Le ‘Salon de Joie’ by Alexandre de Betak who has worked on the scenography for the defilés of Dior, Isabel Marant and Hussein Chalayan – you can definitely see the theatrical element here!  Using cement, wood and neon lights Betak has created a real sense of energy.



Le ‘Salon d’etude’ by Bismut & Bismut.  We can’t  take our eyes off that stunning alabaster fauteuil by Rik Owens (edition Carpenters Workshop Gallery).



In creating this dining room/salon, Isabelle Stanislas has responded to our less formal modern way of living – the barriers between dining room and salon have melted away. Love the splash of pink on the left wall.



Le ‘Salon de Lecture’ is a masterpiece of subtle harmony by Argentinian architect and designer Luis Laplace. Personal favorites are the beautiful Lalique table lamp and the low marble table to the right (Laplace bespoke).


AD INTERIEURS 2015. Palais d’Iena,  9 Place d’Iena, 75016. 5-20 September.

All images courtesy of AD Collections.

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Friday Finds! American Lighting Design in Paris!


7 Frame Cluster light by Iacoli & McAllister
Photo: Iacoli & McAllister

Here is a sneak peak at some of the lighting design from Brooklyn, NY that will be presented in a special exhibition by Triode Gallery and American Design Friends during Paris Design Week.

Jacques Barret, owner of Triode Gallery, initiated this dialogue between French and American design in 2014.  The objectives of this endeavor includes developing a series of exhibitions and events in Paris around the contemporary design scene across the United States, opening up a dialogue between American and French designers, collectors, and professionals and presenting a context between the new generation of American designers and the historical French designers and movements that have influenced them.
Last spring (May 2014) they organized a panel discussion including French designer Noe Duchaufour Lawrance, Parsons Paris, Elle Décor, and Wanted Design NYC founder Odile Hainaut,  that discussed the interesting differences between production modes and the mentality of collectors in America versus France.

It was an enlightening and we anticipate interesting events in a couple of weeks!  Learn more about the exhibition for Design week here. 
345Meatpacking_MiniEndless-682x1024Woody Endless by Jason Miller
Photo: Roll & Hill


Closer look at these beautiful lights by Jason Miller.

Emily Wren Photography

Emily Wren Photography

Infinity hand-blown crystal glass light by John Pomp.


Palindrome 8 by Rich Brilliant Willing

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Toulouse – La Ville en Rose


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16th century fountain in the Place St Etienne, Toulouse.

We were in Toulouse this week, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in France. Known as ‘La Ville en Rose’ after the distinctive pink stone used in many of the old buildings there, it is a lovely city to wander through with elegant squares and ornate façades decorated with elaborate stone work and sculpture.

We visited the Forum des Antiquaires which is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of treasures. Situated on the Avenue des Etats Unis, it takes a bit of searching through but is well worth exploring.

IMG_3199Praying Mantis light, 1950s by Jean Rispalen. We were excited to find this stunning standing lamp, in great condition,  with its very distinctive design. Amazing in any interior.



Fauteuils and sofa in white leather and plexiglass, 1970s. Infinitely covetable!



Lamp by Louis Kalff, 1950s.



1950s desk by Pierre Guariche. Lamp by Cedric Hartman.



Spanish wall light in aluminum and plexiglass, 1950s. Love the angular design!



Side tables by Marc Held, 1970s. The image shows two tables stacked. They can be used this way or separately.



Spanish table lamp, 1970s


IMG_3223This fun Italian standing light from the 1970s caught our eye.



Glass vase by Legras, 1910. Signed.




I was thrilled to find this beautiful 1930s French bar and bought it on the spot! Here you see it in situ in my apartment in Paris, ready for cocktails. The mirrored front panel swivels open to reveal shelves to store glasses. The top is a movable mirrored tray and there are two swivable drink coasters on each top shelf. So chic.



Also couldn’t resist this beautiful and elegant lamp from the 1970s. It was made by Maison Delmas near Toulouse and is now happily ensconced in my Paris apartment!

If you’re interested in any of the above objects or would like to discuss your sourcing needs, let us know. We’d love to help you!

Les Puces de Nice

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Last year we visited the Cours Saleya in Nice for the flea market, which is there each Monday. While it is a wonderful experience full of beautiful objects it is on Rue Catherine Ségurane and Rue Antoine Gautier behind the old port where there is real opportunity to find exciting objects!

Ok, this takes a bit of imagination because things are tightly packed next to others but there are treasures to be found!


This set of four chairs, 1950s



This pair of whimsical 19th century gilt plaster candelabra on red granite bases would look incredible in a contemporary setting.


This green and cream parchment standing bar is in pristine condition. It’s by Italian designer Aldo Tura, whose work is marked by very beautiful craftsmanship. Many of his designs are collectible and they can be found on 1st Dibs sometimes … – granted at much higher prices!FullSizeRender-15

Detail of the interior of the bar … there are square light panels in the bottom shelf.


This speckled mirror console is just decorative and lovely.


I spy a rattan version of Ron Arad’s Magis rocking chair – cool!


A set of seven Limoges vases by Jean Decloquement de Chateauroux.


Objects winding up the ramp of a former parking garage.


This swan bar is another piece by Aldo Turo.


This little art deco magazine rack is so chic!

If you have any questions about the objects above

or you would like help with a search we would love to help you:


Fradin Labrosse gallery, Paris – Mid century marvels!

DSC95191If you’re in Paris this July, make time for a stop at the Fradin Labrosse gallery on the left bank. This beautiful gilded bronze standing lamp (1970) by French designer Rene Broissard with its stylized heron base stopped us in our tracks. Supremely elegant, the smoked altuglas floor base serves to anchor the soaring heron. Just glorious!

DSC9533-600x398Also spied at the gallery was this fabulous Italian mid century sofa by Frederico Munari (1950). Sometimes referred to as the ‘canapé haricot’ due to its shape,  it is large, imposing and spectacular! (L230 x H80cm). We loved the refined, sweeping curve and the beautifully positioned legs. Just oozing elegance and sophistication, this would be a true statement piece.

DSCF8137Absolutely love this pair of standing lamps (1969) by Paolo Portoghesi (b.1931). They are made of white painted wooden rings. Porteghesi’s training as an architect can clearly be seen in the linear structure of these lights.

Galerie Fradin Labrosse, 13 rue de Lille, 75007, Paris.

Traditional woodworkers alive and kicking in Aveyron!




In the small village of Rieupeyroux in Aveyron we happened upon a small family company of woodworkers, Atelier Milofourmos which goes back three generations. Jean Marty, whose father and grandfather preceded him in the family business,  prides himself on finding and working with the finest raw materials and following the traditional methods of working. The combinations of wood were beautiful and Mr Marty’s obvious delight in explaining the woods with which he works was inspiring. In the cabinet above he worked with mahogany, Norwegian birch wood, sycamore and cherry wood – with Boa skin inlays in the outer cabinet doors. He explained that he had been inspired by his grandfather’s love of the beauty of wood and the skilful art of woodwork. The passing on of tradition in design through the generations keeps alive the original methods and aspirations, while adding a contemporary twist.

IMG_3148This beautiful chair made of solid oak and cherry wood has veneered wood in the seating slats so that the wood has more ‘give’ for the comfort of the sitter. Look at the beautiful leather details at the end of each slat. The pleasure Mr Marty took in explaining his craft reminded us of contemporary cabinetmaker Tony Konovaloff’s quote:

“The things I make may be for others, but how I make them is for me”.



IMG_3144IMG_3146Detail of a console in solid oak and sycamore wood.



Guéridon in solid oak and ash wood.

With the exciting momentum created by the innovation of digital design in our contemporary world, it is inspiring to see the older traditions co-existing to forge a valuable continuum.


Atelier Milofourmos, 12240 Rieupeyroux, Aveyron.

Recent Design Articles for the Evolving Collector


Interesting and inspiring article about how and why to commission works from artists and craftpeople via Christie’s.

(Click image to link to the article.)



Sotheby’s announced results that beat out Christie’s in the end of 2014 for the first time in over 5 years but Christie’s has regained the lead according to the results for the first half of 2015. Christie’s comes in first, Sotheby’s second and Artcurial third and gaining ground. The report says that Drouot continues to lose ground since 2011 in the half-year recap. Here is the full article on

Pierre Cardin Design (and Art) sale in Bonnieux (Luberon)


 lot 14
Serge MANZON (1930-1998) pour Pierre CARDIN.
Lampe Eclair. Réflecteur hémisphérique en métal chromé présentant un fût en bois laqué en forme d’ailette sur une base de forme libre en bronze, éclairant par une ampoule.
Dimensions : 44,5×31,5×21 cm
Estimations : 25000 / 30000 €

Auction house DameMarteau will be auctioning property of Pierre Cardin tomorrow in the Gare de Bonneiux in the region of Luberon, France. (Pierre Cardin owns about 24 properties in this area including a film studio and restaurant.)

The catalogue is online and live bidding can be done online here.

If you don’t know Pierre Cardin’s story here is a great short interview by Alain Elkann that highlights his enchanted path through life.

We’ve chosen a few of the design objects to highlight for you focusing on  Serge Manzon’s sculptural lights for Cardin.


Serge Manzon was originally known, in the 1960s, as a fashion designer who created sculptural pieces inspired by Arp and Brancusi for Daniel Hechter and Marie-Martine.
In the early 1970s, he turned towards jewellery design while maintaining his sober modern style.
It was in 1971 that Manzon created his first pieces of furniture, a series of black and white lacquered tables incrusted with steel and chrome. These ‘perfectly constructed gems’, as they were referred to by the critic Xavier Gilles, had great success.
In 1973, Serge Manzon opened his own gallery and continued to make objects and pieces of furniture that were very much inspired by abstract art.
In 1976, the Mobilier National invited the talented young artist to contribute to their collection of contemporary furniture.
Impressed with his growing success, Pierre Cardin exhibited his work in his gallery l’Evolution at 118 Faubourg Saint Honoré.
An exceptional artist of the 1970s, Serge Manzon was a key figure of anti-design. – via Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

lot 13

Lot-N°-13_01lot 13
Serge MANZON (1930-1998) pour Pierre CARDIN. Lampe Balance. Structure tubulaire en métal brossé, embouts cubiques bleus, deux coupelles en métal nickelé, éclairant par deux ampoules. (petits accidents sur le socle). Dimensions : 85x60x25 cm Estimations : 25000 / 30000 €



lot 45
Canapé Mirage III. Réservoir additionnel de Mirage III. Assise en cuir orange Hermès. Signé Agnès Patrice-Crépin. Dimensions : 100x395x100 cm
Estimations : 13000 / 15000 €


lot 46
Table Jaguar.
Gouverne de profondeur. Signée Agnès Patrice-Crépin. Dimensions du plateau : 220x250x90 cm. Hauteur : 80 cm Estimations : 8000 / 10000 €


Lot-N°-50_01lot 50
Marc HELD (1932)
Fauteuil à bascule modèle Culbuto à assise et dossier en mousse thermoformée garnie de drap de tissu blanc disposé sur un bâti monobloc en polyester laqué blanc. 113x75x84 cm. Estimations : 4000 / 4500 €

WE saw this chair at Design Elysees a few years ago but it was already sold. (But we did sit in it and found it really comfortable!) Held’s idea is that this chair that rocks and swivels keeps the body in constant motion and elevates stress caused by staying still. Here is a writeup by Knoll.


lot 74
Serge MANZON (1930-1998) pour Pierre CARDIN. Lampe de bureau en métal formant arc à base sphérique recevant un disque pour réflecteur, éclairant par deux ampoules. Dimensions : 50x50x60 cm
Estimations : 25000 / 30000 €


lot 75
Serge MANZON (1930-1998) pour Pierre CARDIN. Lampe Demi-lune en laiton doré signée Pierre Cardin ligne de Serge Manzon. Hauteur : 49x47x35 cm Estimations : 25000 / 30000 €


Couturier Guo Pei’s inaugural exhibition in the Musée des Arts Decoratives, Paris Fashion Week

IMG_3067At the Musée des Arts Decoratives this week we were lucky enough to view Guo Pei’s spectacular couture collection. This was her first showing in Paris. She established her Rose Studio Workshop in Beijing in 1997 and her work continues the centuries-old traditions of embroidering and painting in China – with of course a modern twist and an eye on contemporary innovation. What is so intriguing about her work is that texture, fabric and shape resonate with meaning and tell the stories that painting and embroidery have told throughout the ages in China. 

IMG_3082 copy

There is an astonishingly theatrical feel to her work (Guo Pei is also an opera costume designer) with semi-sculptural elements.


You might have seen images of this stunning cape worn by Rihanna at the recent Met Ball.

IMG_3078The hand-done embroidery is meticulously crafted with a delicate beauty. A true work of art.

Guo Pei is currently showcasing her “Porcelain” collection at the New York Metropolitan Museum, as part of the exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass”.

Definitely a talent to watch!