‘Art & Design sans Frontières’ at Tajan, Paris

art-and-design-without-boundaries-selling-exhibition-at-ader-picard-tajan-paris‘Art & Design without Boundaries’ at Tajan, Paris

French auction house, Tajan is currently hosting the exhibition ‘Art & Design without boundaries’ as part of their program ‘The Artist and his Supporters’ which launched in 2004. The program, created by Rodica Seward (Tajan’s President) and Jean-Jacques Wattel (expert in decorative art and design at Tajan), was founded to promote innovative art and design and has evolved into a separate entity called the Tajan ArtStudio.

The current expo is a ‘selling exhibition’ or ‘systeme de gallerie’ with pieces coming directly from the artists and designers with a price tag – not the secondary market as one assumes at an auction house. There are no guiding estimates – interested buyers contact the auction house direct with price enquiries. There are four ‘selling exhibitions’ per year.
Exploring the dialogue between contemporary art and design, in this current exhibition the work of several designers is displayed in conjunction with the work of contemporary French artist, François Rouan.
Wax painting and oil on woven canvas by François Rouan, 2013; Bronze Age chaise longue, 2014, by Frank Tjepkema. Limited edition of 3 + 1 AP
‘Bronze Age’ chair, 2016, by Frank Tjepkema. Limited edition of 8 + 2 AP.
“For this project I wanted to create something totally opposite to the technology driven trends based on the emergence of new digital tools such as 3D printing. I like the idea that bronze is precious and is therefor implicitly sustainable. It is either preserved or remelted but never discarded. Who knows, maybe these pieces contain a couple of remelted ancient bronze swords !”. Frank Tjepkema
wax-painting-and-oil-on-woven-canvas-by-francois-rouan-2015-and-chained-up-steel-table-in-polished-stainless-steel-and-glass-2013-by-barberini-gunnellWax painting and oil on woven canvas by François Rouan, 2015; and ‘Chained Up steel’ table in polished stainless steel and glass 2013 by Barberini & Gunnell. Limited edition of 10 + 2 AP.
Close up of ‘Chained Up steel’ table by Barberini & Gunnell
 Wax painting and oil on woven canvas, 2016 by Françcois Rouan; ‘Cascata’ table in crystal glass, 2016 by Barberini & Gunnell. Limited edition of 10 + 2AP
Wax painting and oil on woven canvas, 2015 by François Rouan; ‘Shiqule Lan Se Nuhai’ enamelled ceramic vase, 2015, by Marcel Wanders (limited edition of 8); bench in carbon fibre, 2015 by Il Hoon Roh 
‘Styrene’ suspension light in polystyrene, 2002, by Paul Cocksedge.  Unique piece
‘Kon Tiki’ stool, 2016 in aluminium by Misha Kahn. Limited edition of 8
Table in aluminum with glass top and removable legs, 2016. Il Hoon Roh
Screen in carbon and fibre optiques, 2016, Il Hoon Roh
We had the opportunity to go up to the first floor and see this spectacular screen by Il Hoon Roh. And look at that fabulous 1930s floor!! The Tajan premises were originally the headquarters of a French bank.
37 rue des Mathurins,
75008 Paris
Wishing you all a very happy weekend!
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