Exciting finds at Artcurial’s 20th Century Interiors sale


Artcurial has a very exciting and accessible two part sale coming up on the 4th of October.  You have lots of time to browse and make careful choices!  There are over 500 lots just in the day sale! We’ve scouted a few great items for you and have included links to the auction house’s website.


Mart Stam’s Chaise B43 (lot 204) in molded plywood and tubular steel.

The estimate is  250 – 300 €

This is an incredibly interesting estimate on a chair that arguably launched Modern design! Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe is known to have learned about this chair and told Marcel Breuer, leading to both Mies Vander Rohe and Breuer making their own now iconic versions of tubular steel seating. The chair above it where it started! Evolutionary!




A beautiful little ceramic jar by Piero Fornasetti (lot 326)

Estimation 300 – 400 €

It’s worth clicking on the link above and viewing the jar on the Artcurial website where you can zoom in and appreciate the detail of this drawn neoclassical architecture work on ceramic. The lid is original and undamaged.



Daum Nécessaire de bureau (lot 85) is amber-tinted crystal.

Estimation 200 – 250 €

It’s a group composed of a pen holder, a vessel for cigarettes on the left and the middle vessel is a little ash tray.  This elegant set could be used for fresh flowers, more pens, paperclips etc. on your desk today.
H.: 14 cm; 11 cm; 7,5 cm



This 1950s Danish teak table and four chairs by Hans Olsen (Lot 593) is a set we have found several times for our city clients. It’s an elegant and very practical dining solution for apartments.

Estimation 1 500 – 2 000 €

Stamped by Editor: Frem Møbelfabrik
Table : 75 x 106 cm
Chaises : 715 x 48 x 42 cm



This elegant pair of Model 2564-1950 standing lamps in brass, painted metal and wood is (lot 627) by Josef Frank, an important Modernist architect and founding member of the Vienna Werkbund.

Estimation 1 000 – 1 500 €

Stamped by Editor: Édition Svenskt Tenn
h: 152 w: 42 cm


screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-50-35-pm  A French Silvered Champagne Bucket (Lot 250). We included this as inspiration for finding vintage gifts this year as we slowly head toward the holiday season!

Estimation 500 – 600 €

H.: 19,8 cm

Not to miss!

Roger Tallon – Design in Motion

The French industrial designer left his complete archives to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs who have organized a wonderful tribute to his important work, which includes the TGV and the Téléavia P111 portable television, which we have been asked to hunt down more than once.  This object’s cult following lives on today. This exhibition includes drawings and models of each design.

avia_24-hd-7dec1-resp193Portable television set P111, Téléavia, 1963
Roger Tallon’s archives
© ADAGP, Paris / photo : Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris
p.s. This Reversible Chair model TS from 1978 is some of Roger Tallon’s work. It is lot 496 in the Arterial Sale mentioned above. The estimate is 400-500 Euros!
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