Paris Art Week, Fall 2017 (with several Design treasures!)

At FIAC in the design section: The genius of Pierre Paulin’s ‘Elysée’ sofa and armchairs 1972, Jousse Entreprise; low table, 1972, Mobilier Nationale

Paris has been buzzing this week with events and Fairs all over town to mark Art Week. Some very exciting news for design aficionados is that for its 44th edition, the prestigious international art fair FIAC has reintroduced its Design section after an absence of 7 years. As Hélin Serre, director of Downtown gallery says, “It is important to remember that FIAC was one of the first international contemporary art fairs to open a section for selected design galleries in 2004 and since then you’ve seen this concept in fairs around the world”. It makes sense to show strong art and design at a single venue as many collectors are interested in the crossover between the two. Jacques Grange has said “Today, if you have bought great works of art but you do not have great design, this is just a sign that you have not really understood the full picture”.  Of the five galleries exhibiting, Kreo is showing contemporary design while the other four (Jousse, Patrick Seguin, Downtown, Eric Philippe) are specialized in 1950s/60s work. Here are a few of my highlights of the week.

At FIAC, ‘This Mortal Coil’, 1993, in steel by Ron Arad; 6-sided wooden table, c1949 by Charlotte Perriand, Galerie Downtown


Design in action: Pierre Jeanneret’s cane office chairs and desk, Chandigarh, c1955 on the Jousse stand at FIAC


At FIAC, ‘Squarable lune mirror’ in lacquered wood and tinted mirror, 2014 (Kreo edition of 8 + 2AP + 2 prototypes) by Doshi Leven; two low tables in marquinia black marble and rosso francia red marble, 2015 (Kreo edition of 20 + 2 APs + 2 prototypes) by Pierre Charpin from his Marble and Clown collection; standing light by Gino Sarfatti. Galerie Kreo


I fell in love with these beautiful vases from the Indefinite Vases collection by Erik Olovsson of Studio EO on Galerie Kreo’s stand. Each piece is unique with exquisitely handblown glass on richly veined marble.

At FIAC, Small Pyramid model (2016) from Indefinite Vases collection by Erik Olovsson of Studio EO. Unique piece. Marble and handblown glass. Galerie Kreo


Large Duo model, by Erik Olovsson of Studio EO, 2016.  Edition Kreo. Unique piece. Galerie Kreo.



Design Elysées has a small but strong selection of galleries this year. 11 galleries are showing, with a few newcomers – among them Galerie Glustin and Galerie Chamagne who have wonderful and stylishly created stands. Also new this year is the Rive Droite stand with pieces from several different Right Bank galleries.


Charmingly whimsical and decorative light appliqué in alabaster and bronze (2016) by Glustin, Galerie Glustin


Love love love this monumental and imposing 1970s desk (L2m60 x H76cm x P95cm) by Willy Rizzo; black and white work on wall behind (which works perfectly with the desk) is by L’Atlas. Galerie Chamagne


Gallery Portuondo’s stand was chic and stylish – look at the wonderful leather handles on the commodes and the 1970s low table which sliding surface panels



‘Mer Noire’ leather and patinated steel low table, 2016, by Damien Gernay



One of the most spectacular events this week is Aurelie Julien’s private presentation of Martin Szekeley’s work. Set in a stunning property on Place François I, and by appointment, it is an absolute must-see. As you go from room to room you see ever more beautiful pieces. The presentation runs through to 17th November.


The MAP table (2013) by Martin Szekeley in anodized aluminum is a sort of meccano structure which shifts its shape for different functions. Each piece can be easily removed and placed according to the owner’s preference. The surface panels are all identical in color and texture but depending on the angle of the viewer and the light they look different (as in the image above) and create a very dynamic aesthetic. Aureliejulien



Over at Paris Asian Art Fair on Avenue Hoche the design section this year is small but I thought this vase noteworthy. ‘Bone Flower’ in porcelain is a unique piece is by Japanese artist Yuki Nara who comes from a long line of ceramists. Galerie Pierre-Yves Caer


And last but not least, these gorgeous crystal vases by Atelier Swarovski are utterly covetable.  Each one is composed of three pieces which fit into a base, so that with a set of three you could customize each one by color. I think they’re supremely elegant. Just beautiful!

I leave you at the end of this wonderful week with Doug Aitken’s brilliant and dazzling piece ‘END’ on Regen Projects stand at FIAC

Wishing you all a great weekend and a good week ahead.



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