Highlights of PAD Paris 2017

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We hope you enjoy these highlights from PAD Paris 2017


The jury prizes for this year’s PAD went to:

Best Stand – Gallery Flak

Best 20th century Design – Galerie du Passage for (Ernest Boiceau’s exquisite 1930 silk carpet – see image below)

 Joint prize for Best Contemporary Design – The Collection by RoWin’Atelier at Galerie Alexandre Guillemain and ‘Sleeves’ by Laura Santillana at Clara Scremini Gallery (see images further down).

Marcilhac, daybed and screenLit de repos attributed to André Arbus, 1940s, and folding screen ‘Les Fils d’Ombre’ in stained wood and precious thread by Hoon Moreau. Galerie Marcilhac


Strolling today through PAD Paris on Preview day I was struck, as always by the scope of the exhibits and the standard of excellence upheld at this special Fair. PAD has long been one of my favorite fairs; I love it’s eclectic nature. For its 21st edition, the galleries elegantly, and with panache, displayed treasures of 20th century and contemporary design and decorative art, Asian and Pre-Colombian art, ceramics, glass, jewellery and fine art with each booth expertly creating its own inspired scenography. It has often been described as having the atmosphere of a ‘cabinet of curiosities’. While the exhibitors are predominantly French, I spied a couple of Hong Kong galleries and several from the rest of Europe, but none from the States this year. Here are a few highlights from the Fair.

Studio Pad, Pierre Gonalons and Pierre FreyStudio PAD created this year by Pierre Gonalons 

I’ve long been an admirer of the spectacular and monumental marble works of Pierre Gonalons. This this year he has created a beautiful interior inspired by Rudolf Nurevey’s 1980s Paris apartment for Studio PAD, using Pierre Frey fabrics and pieces of his own along with several from the Mobilier Nationale collection. Running throughout on the walls, furniture and floors is the Frey motif ‘Rue de Richelieu and this play on pattern and surface creates a powerful visual effect. A veritable tour de force which greets you to the right as you enter the Fair!


Jacques Lacoste, Hector Guimard table.

A rare Art Nouveau table by Hector Guimard, Galerie Jacques Lacoste

The theme of Jacques Lacoste’s stand this year is Art Nouveau and this rare and beautiful table by Hector Guimard (provenance Castel-Henriette), quite rightly, takes centre stage. The smooth, curving legs are remarkably seductive. Guimard was a French architect and a major figure in Art Nouveau design. He designed several of the beautiful metro entrances in Paris.


Pierre Passebon galerie, Ernest Boicea carpet and Gio Ponti sofa

Carpet by Ernest Boiceau; sofa by Gio Ponti, Galerie du Passage

Ernest Boiceau’s magnificent silk carpet in delicate Point de Cornely stitch was one of my favorite pieces in this year’s Fair. The refined colors and beautiful Zodiac pattern are subtle and harmonious particularly as a backdrop to the elegant sofa by Gio Ponti.  Provenance of the carpet: Louise de Vilmorin. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this carpet won the Jury Prize this year for the Best 20th Century object.


Maison Rapin

Mirrors made for Coco Chanel by Robert Goosens; and Orione cabinet by Roberto Giulio Rida. Maison Rapin

These mirrors were created in 1972 by Robert Goossens for Coco Chanel for her private showroom and her home. However she died a few months later so the mirrors were never delivered for her project and were kept in the artist’s private collection from where they have now come. The piece beneath the mirrors is the ‘Orione’ cabinet in brass, crystal glass and wood by the contemporary Italian designer Roberto Giulio Rida. Its is a unique piece. They work wonderfully together.


88 Gallery, Max Ingrand

Dahlia light by Max Ingrand in gilded brass and glass, 1960s. 88-Gallery

The gallery explained to me that this ‘Dahlia’ light by Max Ingrand for Fontane Arte could be used as a chandelier or a wall light. They had found an old photograph of it mounted on a wall and had decided to show it this way at PAD. Gorgeous either way!


Gastou mirror by Victor RomanSurrealist mirror in bronze by Victor Roman. Galerie Yves and Victor Gastou

On Galerie Yves and Victor Gastou’s stand the sculptural forms of this Surrealist mirror by Victor Roman (1937-1995) in bronze create the most wonderful shadows on the wall behind. Roman, born in Bucharest, became a naturalized Frenchmen and created several important monumental public sculptures in France. You can see the beautiful Jean Royere ‘Persane’ wall light (1954) from Galerie Chastel Marechal’s stand opposite in the reflection.


Gastou Ado Chale.Goutte d’Eau table in aluminum and bronze and table top in aluminum hung on wall, both by Ado Chale. Galerie Yves and Victor Gastou

I also loved this signed ‘Goutte d’Eau’ table by Ado Chale in aluminium and bronze and the creative way they hung another aluminium table top by Chale on the wall above with spectacular results. The Hiquilly candlesticks look amazing too.


Antonine Catzeflis table by Benjamin PagetConsole/desk by Benjamin Pagart, Galerie Antonine Catzeflis

Over at Galerie Antonine Catzeflis, the contemporary designer Benjamin Pagart’s sleek console/desk in exotic Ovangkol wood is well worth seeing. The smooth and fluid lines and the sheer beauty of the wood are thrilling – impossible not to want to run your hands over it!


Wettergren. Grethe Sorensen and Ilka Suppenen‘Fusion’ in murano glass by Ilke Suppanen; and ‘Reflections’ by Grethe Sorensen. Galerie Maria Wettergren

Maria Wettergren never fails to astonish with her poetic and thoughtful works. This beautiful and statuesque piece (Fusion, 2016) in Murano glass is by Finnish designer Ilka Suppanen. The light reflects gently off the thick glass creating both translucent and enchanting green effects. Strongly influenced by Humanism in his work Suppanen says: “I believe that design is basically the act of changing existing situations into preferred ones”. Behind it you see Greta Sorensen’s short film ‘Reflections’ showing the early morning light on the water in Venice played out on polyester sheets. The rippling water and effects of depth created by the layers of polyster is mesmerizing. Danish artist Sorensen is an important pioneer in the field of contemporary textile art and her work is always thought-provoking.


Armel Soyer, lightsAluminium lights by Lambert & Fils. Galerie Armel Soyer

Armel Soyer is showing new and exciting international design this year. Lambert & Fils, Canadian designers based in Montreal created these sculptural and minimalist lights with smooth cutting lines in edgy aluminium, crossing the lines between the borders of art and design.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Floor Lamp Concret Base 10 by Nacho Carbonell

Floor lamp concrete base 10 by Nacho Carbonell, Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell’s work is highly sculptural. This remarkable light was created with manually shaped metal mesh sprayed with powder, sand and a hardener. The cast concrete base was mixed with pigments and hand sculpted while the tree trunk is in welded steel.


Contemporary 'Extraction' armchair in Grand Antique marble by Pierre Gonalons. Studio PAD

‘Extraction’ contemporary armchair in Grand Antique marbre by Pierre Gonalons.

Alexandre Guillemain

The wall appliqué on the back wall by Max Ingrand is one of ten the gallery has from Maison des Arts et Metiers, Paris, 1949. Galerie Alexandre Guillemain, Artefact Design


Lamp by Rowin' Atelier

Table lamp in ‘4 Seasons’ marble and beaten brass by RoWin’ Atelier. Galerie Alexandre Guillemain (Joint prize for Best  Contemporary Design with the Laura Santillana piece below)


Clara Scremini

‘Sleeves’ in glass by Laura Santillana. Clara Scremini Gallery


Eric Schmidt for Galerie Dutko

Floor lamp in alabaster and brass by Eric Schmidt. Edition of 12. Galerie Dutko


Olbia by Roberto G Rida, 2017. Maison Rapin‘Olbia’ cabinet in opaline black and white glass by Roberto G. Rida, 2016. Maison Rapin


Perpitch & Brigand, vase by Joran Briand


These ‘Acropora’ vases in marble and brass by Joran Briand are absolutely enchanting. Galerie Perpitch and Brigand

Wishing you all a great week! Look out for a post soon on the upcoming AD Collections in Paris.

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