Preview of Chinese Contemporary Design in Paris

We can’t help but peak ahead a bit even as we’re enjoying these wonderful summer days!

There are some great shows and sales coming to Paris this fall and one that looks exciting is the Piasa sale of Contemporary Chinese Design in October.

We have been intrigued by how this auction house is assembling themes sales, such and Brazilian Design or Italian design or focusing on a specific designer such as Pierluigi Ghianda or theme such as French avant-garde in the 1980s.

These sales create great learning opportunities for aspiring collectors!

Here are a few of the highlights for the sale in October. The official catalogue will be out mid September and the sale is 25 October.
design mvw 2009

Bookshelves, Design MVW, 2009

frank chou bold long table 2015 Bold Long Table, Frank Chou, 2015

shao-fan-chaise-mandarin-jie 1995

Chaise Mandarin, Shao Fan 1995 (detail below)


shao-fan-round-backed-armchair 2000

 Round Backed Armchair, Shao Fan, 2000

song tao 2011

Bench, Song Tao, 2011

xiao tianyu cloud chair 2016 Cloud Chair, Xiao Tianyu, 2016

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Collecting Design Begins in Paris. Come Find your Inspiration!

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