‘Ceramiques d’Artistes’ in Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Vase Arp3, 1956.Vase Arp3 by Jean Arp and Atelier Manufacture de Sèvres, 1956. Collection Cité de la Ceramique, Sèvres 

Curated by Bernard Bachelier, the exhibition shows us the ceramic works of several renowned artists and their personal approaches to the medium. Clay, a fundamental and sensual raw material has long been part of the history of mankind with its practical qualities allied to its vast creative and artistic potential. The forming of shapes and objects with the hands is a primeval form of expression. What interested Bachelier is how many artists explored ceramics alongside their principal art forms, be it painting or sculpture.
Juan Miro‘Carreau’, Juan Miro, edition Artigas, 1996, after an original by Miro dated 1970.  Private Collection
Pichet by Pablo PicassoPichet by Pablo Picasso. Private Collection
Picador bowl, 1955 by Pablo PicassoPicador bowl, 1955, Pablo Picasso. Private Collection
Porcelain plate from the Uni Service, 2008 by Chu The-Chun
Porcelain plate from the Uni Service, 2008 by Chu The-Chun and Ateliers Manufacture de Sèvres. Collection Cité de la Ceramique, Sèvres 
The exhibition runs through to 30 September and is well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in this corner of the world!  We’ll be posting more images on Instagram this week:
‘Ceramiques d’Artistes’,
Musée Municipal Urbain Cabrol,
Place de la Fontaine,
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
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