Beautiful bronze!


Pair of deer antler chairs, 19th century, Northern Europe

One of a pair of 19th century Northern European deer antler chairs


The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris holds a wonderful surprise – along with the permanent exhibition (see the deer antler chair above!) we were entranced by the stunning lighting and decorative features throughout the museum.  This private museum’s collection, founded in 1964 by François and Jacqueline Sommer, is housed in the beautiful hotel de Mongelas in the Marais.



Saint Clair Cein wall appliquer

Bronze light appliqué by Saint Clair Cemin
These wonderful bronze wall appliqués in whimsical biomorphic shapes reinforce the theme of the museum’s collection, creating an impression of floating through a wonderful fairyland woodland grove. They are the work of Brazilian designer Saint Clair Cemin who studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Bronze chandelier by Saint Clair Cemin
Bronze chandelier by Saint Clair Cemin
Also by Saint Clair Cemin, are these evocative chandeliers in bronze referencing the curving forms and tendrils of plants, as well as the strong forms of antlers, connecting to the collection.
Bronze ceiling light by Franck Evennou
Ceiling light in bronze by Franck Evennou
The tour de force was the ceiling light in one of the rooms by Franck Evennou – a forest of bronze stalks with lights sprouting from the ceiling emanating an discreet and ethereal light. The effect was mesmerizing and created a cohesive wholeness to the room. We expected to come across Sleeping Beauty any minute!
This is truly a tribute to the power of spectacularly designed lighting.  Both functional and a form of creative expression, it can form the centre point of any interior when carefully considered and chosen.
Bronze Table basse LOTUS de Franck Evennou
Low ‘Lotus’ table in bronze by Franck Evennou
Following on from the image above of Franck Evennou’s fabulous ceiling light, we thought you might like to see some more of this super-talented designer’s work which is clearly inspired by nature. Working primarily in bronze and wood, his use of organic forms is expressive and creative.
Franck EVENNOU PAIRE DE GUERIDONS TRIPODES en bronze à patine brune, plateau circulaire en ardoisePair of ‘Tripode’ guéridons in bronze with ardoise table tops by Franck Evennou
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