Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Italian designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni turns 100!

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Born in 1913, Luigi Caccia Dominioni is an architect and designer who is still designing today at 100 years of age. A graduate of Polytechnic, he has worked with Livio and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and his silverware design for Alessi is in the permanent collection at MoMA.
Here we highlight some of his own architecturally inspired designs.  His work is managed by his family in Italy who continue to produce it for private orders. 
LS10 Grappolo pendant light 1965The Grappolo pendant light was designed in 1965. It is available with three or four Murano glass globes in transparent or frosted glass. 

The Ventola lamp was designed in 1991.  A very thin brass cylinder is shaped around the base so the lamp can provide direct or diffused light. The cylinder is also available in a taller version, which projects the light higher into the room. They are lovely placed on steps. There is a smaller version as well that is very chic on bookshelves.

P4 Catilina bassa-2 chair 1958

P4 Catilina_A 1958

His Catalina Chair, designed in 1958, shows a Japanese influence in its minimalist form. Its grace and simplicity transcends style and looks incredibly contemporary today. There are two versions as shown here. The lower model on the right pairs very well with a canapé enabling all the guests to be seated at the same level. The seat is dark blue but the color can be customized at the request of the customer.  The seat cushion can also be made according to the clients wishes as well.

Inquiries about any of these objects: or 06 47 25 09 66

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