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Paris is glorious under the sunny blue skies of June. It’s a big week for Design with Design/Miami Basel going on (visit us on Twitter (#artecase) for updates) and here in Paris we took the opportunity to visit one of our most admired editors and below are a few of our favorite items from the visit.

Hope you enjoy!

This summer our posts will be a bit different each week as we are traveling quite a bit and will share with you what we find! While in Paris we will explore the newly reopened  17th and 18th century rooms in the Louvre. We’d love to hear from you along the way so please leave your comments!

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Majd Bazerji Table Chaise Gothique Galerie Patrick Fourtin (
Majd Bazerji Table Chaise Gothique Galerie Patrick Fourtin
Majd Bazerji Table Chaise Gothique Galerie Patrick Fourt (2)This spectacular ‘London Punk’ chair (2012)  by Majd Bazerji is a limited edition of two (numbered 2/2 and signed). It is in gunmetal steel and yellow saddle leather. H50cm x W31cm . Both open and closed the form of the chair is very powerful in its simplicity. Magnificent!


Nathanael Le Berre sculpture Infinie Galerie Patrick Fourtin

Nathanael Le Berre sculpture Infinie Galerie Patrick Fourtin (3)

The fluid and poetic forms of this ‘Infini’ sculptural light (2013) by Nathaneal Le Berre in bronze and brass are astonishing. The light source comes from deep within the mysterious folds of the material and creates a wonderful glow. We found it a very moving piece.

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The TACCIA was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1958 and edited by  FLOS in 1962. Achille Castiglione was one of the favorite tutors at Milan Polytechnic in the 1980s when Paola Antonelli, design curator of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, was an architecture student This lamp provides light by reflecting off its spun aluminum white to project it forwards in a gentle arc. It is placed on a sublime
Commode Colette ca. 1922 by Jacques Emile Ruhlmann with its exquisite lines and perfect symmetry. The mirror above by Philippe Borderieux (2014) stopped us in our tracks. It is a dynamic and unique piece in enamel, flowing with energy and brilliance.


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