Birgit Severin




 Romantically and dramatically imperfect porcelain? In fact, it is 3D printed rubber!  We first saw Birgit Severin’s series of vases and bowls, which is entitled Ashes,  presented at Le Off! during Design Week here in Paris in September. To us, her breathtaking designs bridge a line between fragility and strength.  They express simultaneously a delicate beauty and a dark demise. This beautiful yet poignant balance touches an eternal cord.

For Severin, this series explores associations between beauty and death. ”The expressive power of withering was commonly used to represent the idea of vanitas in art, particularly in Flemish painting. Flowers and fruit are symbols of beauty, youth and pleasure. Simultaneously, in their decay they become reminders of life’s brevity and the inevitability of death. The project reinterprets this concept for the context of the modern household.”

These pieces are for sale. Please contact us with inquiries.

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