Guillaume Delevigne – an exciting young designer

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Guillaume Delevigne is a young designer causing quite a stir right now in Paris. Having won the ‘Laureat du Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris’ in 2011 following his first solo exhibition at Tools Gallery, he opened his own studio and has been producing some notable work. His ‘Hal’ light series (top above) and ‘Swan’ suspended light made of blown glass (both 2013) were shown for the first time in Milan earlier this year at ‘La Nouvelle Vague 2’ (a collective exhibition called ‘the new French domestic landscape’). I love the sense of clarity and elegance in both designs and the cool clean lines of their forms. There is a feeling of serene and creative confidence behind these pieces, both totally at ease with the space around them which I find very appealing. They don’t need to shout.

Alongside his design projects Delevigne is a member of the Italian research collective ‘Industreal’, and the French group DITO.

Delevigne is definitely an emerging talent to follow!

Both edition La Chance

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