Mitate Lamps by Studio Wieki Somers

Mitate Wieki-Somers GalerieKreo 2013 1

Mitate Wieki-Somers GalerieKreo 2013 2

Mitate Wieki Somers GalerieKreo 2013 3


A collection of seven lights by Studio Wieki Somers inspired by Japanese forms including sixteenth-century Samurai flags and the fabric worn by geishas is on show at Galerie Kreo in Paris. The aim of the Studio  is to introduce new meaning and excitement into ordinary objects.

These quite massive lights are presented in a row in a clean space with no other objects. The sterility of this type of exhibition does not draw me in, however upon reflection I think it is perfect. The lights are powerful and seductive in a way that reaches so many different levels of human experience. The hold the space around them well.  The variously fragile, translucent, and delicate nature of the of the shades juxtaposed with the amorphic solidity of the stone bases that infer strength, and joined by the exquisite bronze stand with woven colored threads and lastly the free movement of the cord all together create a layered experience that is  angelic and simultaneously earthly. One can feel depth and meaning and importance in the traditions that inspired this work yet these forms are uplifting and inspiring!

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