Interview with Jacques Jarrige

Fiori chandelier, 1998 Photo courtesy of Valerie Goodman Gallery ~~ Jacques Jarrige is a thinker. Reflection plays a major part in his creative process.  In his work what attracts and fascinates us is the deeply thoughtful and artistic element which … Continue reading

Mattia Bonetti and Elizabeth Garouste at Christie’s Paris

Mattia Bonetti is a provocative Swiss-born designer based in Paris whose curvaceous wooden standing vases and lamps caught our attention in Les Puces last year and quickly found there way to the home of a Paris client!  We also featured … Continue reading

Artcurial Design Sale 21 May 2013

While viewing the Artcurial Design sale which took place on 21st May we were stopped in our tracks by this sublime table (2007) by Mattia Bonetti (lot 111). Very surprisingly it didn’t find a buyer. The walnut top harmoniously blends … Continue reading