Hommage to Philippe Hiquily – Galerie Yves Gastou

After the model created in 1968 commissioned by Louise de Vilmorin and André Malraux which is in the Chateau de Verrières-les-Buisson, France. 
The exhibition, ‘Hommage’ at the Yves Gastou gallery shines the spotlight on the work of the late great sculptor and designer, Philippe Hiquilly (1925-2013). He is one of our design heroes so we were excited to attend the vernissage…and to say it exceeded our high expectations is an understatement!
Pedestal table commissioned by Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles and standing lamp for Henri Samuel.
Having seen the pedestal table Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles had commissioned from Hiquilly in 1964, Henri Samuel (the renowned interior designer) went on to commission several pieces for his major clients during the 1960s and 70s.  The list is impressive:  Henri van Zuylan, Robert Haas, the Rothschilds, Jacqueline Delubac, the Princess de Broglie, André Malraux and Louise de Vilmorin were some of his illustrious private clients. Following the joint exhibition in 2005 of “Furniture” at the Galerie Yves Gastou  and “Bronze” at Galerie Patrice Trigano, this present exhibition allows us to see the privately commissioned works long since disappeared into private collections and now produced in small limited editions by Galerie Yves Gastou.
Group of three ‘quilles’ tables after the model created in 1975 for Henri Samuel. Base in brushed iron, top in fossilized wood. 
What is so inspiring was Hiquily’s noble adherence to his art and skilled craftsmanship, despite the many lean years he spent without recognition. Beginning with sculpture and moving on to furniture design incorporating his sculptural forms, he said: “I was starting out with a piece metal and I ended up making a sculpture, it was giving birth in a way. Even if I wasn’t selling, I was doing what I wanted, it was for me the best way to go”.
Low table after the model created  for Edmond de Rothschild in 1965; and chair by Hiquily in hammered brass.
Ironically, Hiquily’s status as one of the great sculptors of the 20th Century is due in large part to the acclaim he has received for his furniture. The Musée des Arts Decoratives recently acquired a 1976 table.
Chandelier in hammered brass after a model created in 1977 for a private collection.
Combining aesthetics and functionality, the glowing bronze is worked into sensuous abstract forms and erotic volumes without a direct figurative element.
Console table with two levels, after a drawing from the 1970s. Base in hammered brass and tops in fossilized wood.
All images courtesy of Galerie Yves Gastou
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