Les Puces de Nice

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Last year we visited the Cours Saleya in Nice for the flea market, which is there each Monday. While it is a wonderful experience full of beautiful objects it is on Rue Catherine Ségurane and Rue Antoine Gautier behind the old port where there is real opportunity to find exciting objects!

Ok, this takes a bit of imagination because things are tightly packed next to others but there are treasures to be found!


This set of four chairs, 1950s



This pair of whimsical 19th century gilt plaster candelabra on red granite bases would look incredible in a contemporary setting.


This green and cream parchment standing bar is in pristine condition. It’s by Italian designer Aldo Tura, whose work is marked by very beautiful craftsmanship. Many of his designs are collectible and they can be found on 1st Dibs sometimes … – granted at much higher prices!FullSizeRender-15

Detail of the interior of the bar … there are square light panels in the bottom shelf.


This speckled mirror console is just decorative and lovely.


I spy a rattan version of Ron Arad’s Magis rocking chair – cool!


A set of seven Limoges vases by Jean Decloquement de Chateauroux.


Objects winding up the ramp of a former parking garage.


This swan bar is another piece by Aldo Turo.


This little art deco magazine rack is so chic!

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