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Pharrell Williams has curated the exhibition GIRL which opened this week at Emmanuel Perrotin’s new gallery space, Salle du Bal, a former ballroom at the Hotel du Grand Veneur. The show celebrates women and is both challenging and uplifting. Try and make time to get over there. Its well worth seeing!

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The stunning ‘Emerald Double Necklace’ by Jean-Michel Othoniel dominated the main gallery space at Perrotin. The effect when standing in the room is breathtaking. In the background you can just spy the happy portrait of Pharrell and Helen Williams by Takashi Murakami.



We loved this fun ‘Studio Loveseat’ (Pharrell) by Rob Pruitt, 2014, created with markers and pens on a canvas couch with chromed feet. Note the portrait of Pharrell in the centre! The two paintings of Marilyn Monroe (acrylic on Ikea ink jet canvas) are by Pruitt in collaboration with Pharrell Williams

photo copy

The loveseat from behind.



This powerful ‘sculptural’ light is by an American designer whose work is now available in France.


                                                         photo copy 5

Several wonderful exhibitions opened during Design Days and continue for the next few weeks. This piece caught our eye. We were struck with the powerful dynamic created by its angular and challenging lines couched in peaceful blue.


photo copy 8

Inspired by ancient rock formations and strata, this exciting young designer used jesmonite for this beautiful low table combined with several different colour pigments to create swirling effects and flowing patterns. The series explores the theme of what we conceive to be ‘fake’ or ‘real’.


photo copy 7

This vase (above and below) is part of the same series as the low table.

photo copy 9


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