The World of Azzedine Alaia

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The strong, clean undulating lines of Pierre Paulin’s red and purple sofas create a bright counterpoint to the dramatically dark and immaculately presented pret-a-porter pieces in Azzedine Alaïa’s new Paris shop, while simultaneously complimenting the sculptural nature of Alaïa’s work and his admiration of the female form.

The pyramid form modular shelving racks and Martin Szekely’s angular steel clothing racks underline the curated experience that has been created for the visitor. Translucent circular light fixtures by Marc Newson add a soft hovering presence, which seem to reference the circular cut-out stud motif in many of Alaia’s most iconic couture pieces. The simplicity of the dark Perriand tables create a poignant reference to another visionary designer for those who recognize her work in this setting, while quietly and firmly contributing to Alaïa’s personal aesthetic. An intricate chandelier of brushed steel garlands by Kris Ruhs, floats ethereally down the centre of the three-floor spiral staircase… Magnifique!

This cohesive statement of Alaïa’s singular vision is truly inspirational. He has always followed his own path, confident of his choices and the creative statements he is making in fashion and now we can experience the entirety of his vision in this interior setting.

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