Design spotted at FIAC? Andrea Branzi



Andrea Branzi’s work was pointed out to us at FIAC recently as ‘design’ within the art fair. According to his gallerist, it is a statement on the whole human being and what that encompasses. Branzi’s composition includes live birds representing nature and the wild on the left side. On the right side there is a vase filled with flowers below books on a shelf. This arrangement represents domestication and control. The whole message being that we can’t exist completely on one ‘side’ or the other but must acknowledge, share and embrace both sides of our nature.  And more specifically in today’s world the artist encourages us to remember our animalistic nature!

We do love the sculptural vase! … and the poetic message of this work.

Branzi is an Italian architect, industrial designer and professor of industrial design at the Politechnico di Milano University. He was one of the founders of Archizoom.

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