Q & A with decorative artist, Emmanuel Bossuet

  Emmanuel Bossuet in his stunning appartment in Paris. Image courtesy of The Socialite Family We were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with the charming and erudite decorative artist, Emmanuel Bossuet, artistic director of Maison Charles, recently in Paris. … Continue reading

Friday Finds PAD PARIS 2015

The 19th edition of PAD Paris is an eclectic mix of passionate connoisseurs presenting rare, limited editions and sometimes  unique objects responding to a growing desire of collectors and enthusiasts to create exceptional personal statements.  We had a little Q&A with 1st Dibs too! Contemporary Design Highlights Galerie Maria Wettergren, is the leader in … Continue reading

Francois Azambourg Chair and Ottoman

Francois Azambourg’s flexible’Sandwich chair and Ottoman’ designed in 1999 were innovative and resourceful in the thoughtful choice of materials. Made of birch plywood and natural foam rubber, this chair was included in the 2000 VIA Design.3 show at the Centre … Continue reading