AD Intérieurs, Fall 2017, Paris. ‘L’Art de la Matière’

Entrance hall with chandeliers

The beautiful entrance hall with lights by Mathieu Lustrerie

The Paris art and design scene is hotting up again after the long summer break. The 8th edition of AD Intérieurs opened this week at the magnificent Monnaie de Paris. Ten designers and interior architects presented beautiful rooms working to the theme of ‘The Art of the Material’. Each exhibitor chose a specific material as the base of their project. The variety was fabulous, with each space presenting a very different and individual aesthetic, combining colors and elements to create the different moods and stories. I find the size of AD Intérieurs is perfect – by showcasing just ten designers, it avoids that awful feeling of overwhelm.

Mathieu Lehanneur whole room‘Last known address’ bedroom by Mathieu Lehanneur

There is so much talent among the exhibitors, but definitely my personal favorite is Matthieu Lehanneur’s stand. I’ve long loved his work and his space is spectacular, combining colors, textures and shapes to create a seriously chic bedroom with marble as the chosen focus material. The curve of the sofa at the end of the bed, the pink armchair, the low table in Marquina marble with its surface mimicking the movement of the sea, the witty resin ‘fire’ nestled in the white marble fireplace, the sublime console in Irish marble, the metal chandelier, the pink onyx standing lights, the marble barbells……I could go on! All these created a truly luxurious and original interior.

Mathieu Lehanneur mirror, bedMirror and marble bar bells, Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur fireplaceFireplace in white Volakos marble, ‘fire’ in resin, pink onyx standing light, black Marquina marble side table, Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur low marble tableLow table in black Marquina marble for Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur marble consoleConsole in Irish green marble, Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur pink onyx standing lightStanding light in pink onyx, Mathieu Lehanneur


Oitempo spaceOitoemponto’s spectacular ‘boudoir’

Oitoemponto are showing the most gorgeous ‘wallpaper’ which was hand painted, before gold leaf was applied and was finally finished off with a sprinkling of bronze powder. It looks as fabulous as that sounds! They told me they will be showing at de Gournay in rue de Saint-Pères this week, so that is not to be missed! The interior has a calm and elegant 1940s feel and the magic of the room is the mixture of contemporary and older pieces – a Warren Platner chair mingled beautifully with a 1940s commode, Sottsass circular table and of course the contemporary wallpaper. Their chosen material is painted paper.

OitempoBeautiful hand painted wallpaper, Oitoemponto

Oitempo bookshelvesElegant bookshelves, Oitoemponto


Elliot Barnes

Salon, Elliot Barnes

Sleek and chic, this salon by Elliot Barnes is graceful and polished. Look at these beautiful columns with the glass disks, and the hanging light encased in a leather structure. There was also a beautiful leather clock, which I sadly don’t have a photograph of (you’ve probably guessed that Barnes chose leather as his material).


Thomas Broog candle holder

Exquisite candle holder in mother of pearl and seashells, Thomas Boog

Thomas Boog’s signature material is rocaille in much of his work, hence his chosen material here. I loved this candle holder in mother of pearl and shell inlay. There was a LED candle on in one of the holders and the lustrous glow it imparted to the mother of pearl behind was sensational. And look at those beautiful 1940s hand-blown birds on either side. Its all in the details.

Thomas BroogCabinet in rocaille, Thomas Boog


Isabelle Stanislas kitchen:salon with lightingKitchen/salon, Isabelle Stanislas

Working with cement as her focus material, Isabelle Stanislas created this sleek  kitchen/salon with its severe minimalist lines contrasting excitingly with the richness of the gold embroidery on the velvet stools and sofa, and the dramatic lighting creating a perfect backdrop. I love her work and the way she is able to imbue the rather brutal nature of cement with warmth.

Isabelle Stanislas sofaSofa in velvet with gold embroidery on cement frame, Isabelle Stanislas



Pavillon dining space in wood, RDAI



Surrealist bedroom

Surrealist bedroom, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman

This Surrealist bedroom is gloriously over the top and a real feast for the eyes!

Surrealist bedroom - chair


AD Intérieurs (Monnaie de Paris, 11 quai de Conti, 75006 Paris) runs through to 20th September.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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