Aurelie Hoegy’s Dancers

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Here we are – this is the place where the mindset for investing in design merges with that of contemporary art. These ‘chairs’ are arresting, provocative and demand our attention; particularly when viewed amongst traditional functional objects. What is their purpose and the designers intention?

Aurelie Hoegy is a young French designer who we met at Paris Design Week in September. The implied movement of her “Dancers’ creates a very strong tension. We were compelled to understand this work and were not disappointed.

dancers haute resolution Each Dancer is a formalized romantic interpretation of the unique architecture that is temporarily created by the complex energy exchanged between a body, the space and an object – in this case a chair.
The energy exchanged is different every time the space, the body and the object ‘dance’ due to the ever- changing nature of the conscious and subconscious, active and  passive energy brought to this interaction.
Consequently, each resulting ‘Dancer’ is unique trace architecture.

Four pieces were made for the original series and specific pieces can be made on demand.
Aurélie Hoegy sept 2015_108 Aurélie Hoegy sept 2015_068 Aurélie Hoegy sept 2015_075 Aurélie Hoegy sept 2015_405


photoshoot van abb 6

The macguffin lamp, another design experience Hoegy created, is a latex dark blue lampshade attached to 700 meters cable in one piece.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.12.30 PMIts conception originated from a series of drawings and short movies that were meant to explore and play with the concept of daily rituals. The MacGuffin Lamp is an object that intends to challenge the concept of normality; one could see it more as a tool to stimulate situations and behaviors. It is a catalyst to experiment with the spontaneous and perhaps with a touch of madness.

Artecase: Can you tell us what you mean by the border of normality and abnormality as it pertains to our daily life?

Everything around us is complex enough to create a vocabulary of enigma. Ordinary objects can create their own language and they can take us to another reality.

My work is to trigger individuals to go beyond the usual, safe regularity, to see and explore the rituals of everyday life from another perspective. My aim is to introduce ourselves to the realm of the unbalanced, to find space for this liberty of expression and appreciate the true value within. Behind the veneer of normality every person has a mysterious side that is waiting to surface. Everyone is full of life, passion and madness, whether it be visible or suppressed. How often do we mask our actions or reactions because of social rules and the fear of becoming a misfit? I trust we need this craziness! We need these moments of alienation, dreams and explosion to survive within society. I believe design can help to liberate, express and bring about these moments, abandoning its norm of disciplining and shaping behaviour; seeking out the so-called ‘fringes of society’ such as madness and alienation.

photoshoot van abb 1

This light is produced in a limited edition of 36 and is available in two sizes.

The larger size is seen above is about 3000 Euros.  The smaller model ranges from 300- 500 Euros.)





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