Art Elysées – Art & Design 2015

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‘Lyre’ table lamp by Philippe Cuny

We were excited to visit the latest edition of ‘Art Elysées – Art and Design’ – which opened to the public on 22 October and runs through to 26th.  At the vernissage earlier in the week there was a definite feeling of optimism and several vendors told us that they had already sold some important pieces. So a joyous start to the Fair!

There was a wide range of work to see this year. Of the 11 galleries exhibiting, the majority were French, with one American gallery – 1950 Gallery from New York. Along with beautiful French mid century lighting and furniture, we spied a superb fractal resin table, a sofa and chairs in real undyed black sheepskin fur (anyone got a black sheep in their family!),  work by Philippe Hiquilly, Guillaume Piéchaud, Serge Mouille……! See our images below.

FullSizeRender copy 3Tabourets ‘Requin’, Guillaume Piéchaud. 

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‘Architectural’ desk and chair 1956 by Marino de Teana


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‘Anenome’ table, ‘Talon Aiguille’ chairs by Guillaume Piéchaud; and Standing light by Philippe Hiquily (image above). ‘Armoire Sorcière’ in polished inbox by Atelier La Case d’Art (image below)

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Fauteuil (one of a pair) by Genevieve Dangles. 1955. The base is a fabulous cross shape which you can just see in this image.


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Stunning pair of lacquered metal lights ‘Brasilia’, 1974 by Michel Boyer

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Tripod’ light, 1954, Serge Mouille


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Black (undyed) sheepskin upholstered sofa

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And the fauteuils to go with the ‘Black Sheep’ sofas above!


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Fauteuil by Viggo Boesen, 1935 (one of a pair)

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‘Stalagmite’ table (1969) by Paul Evans

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Fractal resin low table by Marie-Claude de Fouquières

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‘President’ fauteuils 1952, by Carl Gustav Hort

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‘Totem’ standing light by Angelo Lelli


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Valléeblanche” recliner, by Pierre Guariche. éd.LesHuchers-Minvielle, 1962 

And last but definitely not least…..For the Fair this year Galerie Alexander Guillemain (Artefact) has mounted an exhibition of very rare Pierre Guariche chairs dated between 1951 and 1965 is spectacular and well worth a visit. The exhibition, called ‘Pierre Guariche seats – The Untraceable’  will continue on at the Alexandre Guillemain gallery from November 5th to 20th.  Some of the examples on exhibit here are the sole known examples, while others have not appeared on the market for a considerable time. Either way, these are very rare chairs! We loved the undulating shape of this recliner ‘Valléeblanche’, 1962. There is one in the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou and the last other known example was sold in New York over 7 years ago.

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