The ‘Demeter’ cabinet by Antoine Vignault of OAK


This ‘Demeter’ cabinet was commissioned from Antoine Vignault by a French collector of fine and precious perfumes as a way to showcase their precious collection. Vignault’s inspiration for the piece is the Eleusinian Mysteries, a secret group which dates back to the Mycenean period (c1600-1100BC) and is based on the cult of Demeter and Persephone. Demeter is the goddess of the harvest who presided over the fertility of the earth and the eternal rebirth of plant life, echoing the plant base of perfume.



Vignault explains that the bee is a powerful solar symbol of resurrection and immortality, and as such, is here used as a symbol to “host and transmit the treasures collected over generations”.  Honey was the main component of Hydromel, one of the first alcoholic drinks known to Man (dating from c7000BC). The bee is deeply symbolic here as it is fed by flowers which references the floral base of perfumes. Strong and inspiring connections.



With these beautiful floating circular glass trays, Vignault has created a wondrous image of evanescent honeycombs in an upward movement, “like a golden stairway to the heavens”.

Our regular readers will know that we have posted before about the work of Antoine Vignault. We are constantly inspired by his approach and the deeply symbolic connections he makes to the eternal tales and mythology of our collective ancient history. Click here and here for our previous posts.

Demeter Cabinet’
Limited edition of 8 pieces + 1 Prototype + 2 Artist’s Pieces per model.
The pieces are signed and numbered.

OAK – One of a Kind 

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