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Upon reading a story in the NY Times about design  earlier this week we were inspired to contemplate the idea of copying vs. reinterpreting. 

These reinterpreted 18th century Chinese vases by Studio Droog’s are part of the New Original Project collection – an experiment focusing on copying as an important “driver of innovation”.
The design of the vase is well informed by past traditions. The colors and proportions of these specific colors match the originals and  the form is a fusion of four traditional styles from the 17th and 18th century.  These original specifications are interpreted through a contemporary filter.

The resulting 3-D printed vase is a beautiful object on it’s own.

However, placed next to the “original” the viewers experience becomes infinitely broader. The vase becomes a platform from which to question and inquire about Chinese traditional decorative arts, from materials and methods of production to their significance and impact on international culture over time.

Wow! Pretty heady stuff for a vase made of sand!

Our surroundings say so much about us.What stories do your surroundings tell?

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