Jaime Hayon’s Decorative Balance

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Hayon’s work caught our eye and stole our hearts last week at Maison et Objet in Paris. The Spanish born designer, already well regarded in many important design circles, has the ability to create a feeling of excitement that is visually balanced.
Varying transparent and beautifully saturated colors mixed with surprising style combinations create his playful Crystal CandSet; a series created with Baccarat. It includes 9 forms created in a limited edition of 25 each. “With these pieces, I wanted to replicate the richness of fresh tropical fruit such as pineapples and pomegranates using crystal and other materials, such as ceramics.” says the designer.

jelly-copper-800x1102 12-800x1066 Joséphine Interior Design, Paris

Photo – Joséphine Interior Design, Paris



The idea for Grid Vase, presented below between befitting interiors, was inspired by a strong sense of medieval atmosphere in the streets of London including tales of the knights templar, Henry VIII and the Tudors, according to Hayon.   Suits of armor, helmets and fencing masks became visual references for this project. The Islamic art seen during a trip to Turkey also became a source of inspiration for this set of vases.

Grid_cilindirical_silver-800x532 433c585b62d07b65d862704d350e5873 item9.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.stefano-pilati-14-master-bedroom

Stefano Pilati’s Paris Apartment. Photographed for AD.
Grid-Vase-Collection_family-800x532 item3.rendition.slideshowThumb.stefano-pilati-07-television-room
Stefano Pilati’s Paris Apartment. Photographed for AD.


These works are for sale. Please contact us with any inquiries.

Vase photos courtesy of Jaime Hayon, thank you!



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