Noé Duchaufour Lawrance’s ‘Borghese’ Sofa

This ‘Borghese’ sofa by one of the brightest of France’s new generation of designers, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance was presented at the Salon du Mobilier in Milan last year. Inspired by the umbrella pines in the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome, (the organic metal structure reproduces the patterning of tree branches while the cushioning is the foliage), it reflects perfectly Duchaufour Lawrance’s aim to “create an emotional connection with nature”. This idea really touches a chord with me and I love the organic shapes and forms in his work like his ‘Naturoscopie’ collection we saw in Design Miami in December.  In the words of the man himself, “I think its vital we make an organic connection between the interior and the exterior through the objects we design”. The importance of knowing the inspiration, content and information behind this ‘Borghese’ piece transforms it from being just a sofa to being an experience. It is exactly this concept and process of transformation which excites and inspires us at Artecase and gives relevance and meaning to design. There is so much to explore!

You will be seeing more of us this week than usual as there’s alot going on in Paris with PAD Paris and ArtFair Paris, so stay tuned!

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