Le Don du Fel ceramic centre in the hills of Aveyron, France

Le Don du Fel in landscape

Le Don du Fel.Le Don du Fel ceramic centre in Aveyron

Founded by American ceramic artist Suzy Atkins (who shows her own work at the centre) and her English husband Nigel in the 1970s, Le Don du Fel has developed into an important centre for contemporary ceramics, exhibiting work from all over the world. There are six exhibitions annually. The building itself is breathtaking, perched high up on the hills close to the village of Fel with a spectacular panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding countryside. Designed by architects Lacombe & Florinié, the cylindrical shapes of the building are wonderful. The design was selected by the Forum d’Architecture Mondiale in 2008 as one of the most beautiful cultural projects in the world.

Among the many amazing pieces to see, here are just a few to inspire you!


Work in porcelain by Simon Zsolt Jozsef

Hungarian potter Simon Zsolt Jozsef, who studied at the prestigious Moholy-Nagy School of Art and Design in Budapest, creates the most fantastic and mesmerizing shapes pulling your eye in all directions and creating a dynamic tension between the viewer and his work. ” I don’t want to catch the forms but the process of forming. Not the fruit or the flower, which are always changing and growing but the growth and change itself, which will form the material.” says Joszef. Fascinating and utterly covetable! (images above and below)


‘Bouquet Projet’ in porcelain by Simon Zsolt Jozszf


Jin-Eui-KIM-02-1024x1024South Korean artist Jin Eui Kim plays with illusion and space, as you can see in the image above, through the arrangements at varying intervals of bands of contrasting color.



Vase by Duncan Ayscough

The work of British artist Duncan Ayscough (above and below) with its classical proportions is influenced by ancient Greek and Roman pieces. “Surfaces are constructed by layering five particled slips (terra sigillata) and subsequent length firings in combustible materials provide the pattern to the surfaces”, explains Ayscough. The gold leaf glimpsed in the interior draws your eye inwards to the centre of the piece. Each piece is wax-polished. Ayscough is a graduate of the Masters Program in Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Duncan Ayscough



‘Capriccio’ series by Elke Sada

Look at the brilliant shot of color in this vibrant piece from the ‘Capriccio’ series by German-born artist Elke Sada who often paints using Chinese brushes. Sada completed her Masters of Arts in Ceramic and Glass at the Royal College of London and now has her studio in Leipzig.


Vase by Suzy Atkins

Beautiful painted vase by Suzy Atkins, co-founder of Le Don du Fel.


CF20-Pétale by Christine Fabre

‘Petale’, Christina Fabre

The work of French artist Christine Fabre is currently showing in an exhibition at the centre entitled ‘L’irrémédiable présence du passé’.  Fabre works in bronze as well as terra cotta and you can see an Eastern influence in her beautiful and minimal pieces. Exhibition runs through to 6 October 2016.

CF43-Opéra Mundi Bronze by Christine Fabre‘Opera Mundi’ by Christina Fabre

All images courtesy of Le Don du Fel

Very well worth a visit if you should find yourself in that part of France! If you’re interested in ceramics, click here to check out our post from a couple of weeks ago on a great exhibition in Villefranche de Rouergue.

Le Don du Fel

Wishing you all a good weekend!

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