Dimore at the Delacroix for Paris DDays 2016


Entrance to Musée Eugene Delacroix

 Dimore Studio’s latest installation for DesignDays2106, which took place this past week in Paris, is particularly provocative in the context of the current trend of curators to create shows based on ‘Big Art History’.  Big Art History, part of the Big History Project, is an idea invented by David Christian and supported by Bill Gates – which promotes exhibitions and learning opportunities that span large periods of time and often include numerous media categories for example art, design and fashion all in one show that spans 500 years – in an effort to aggregate history. It’s the big data approach that is influencing these ambitious projects.


progetto NON FINITO – Pouf 042 (above and below)

As you can see from these photos, the exhibition entitled Conversations entre Couleurs, explores the correlation between the paintings of one of France’s most celebrated romantic painters, Eugène Delacroix  and the contemporary work of Emiliano Salci e Britt Moran of Dimore Studio.

While small in scale, and a conversation between just two parties the dialogue that ensues across 200 years between paintings and furniture gives the viewer visual access to the past in a way that is fresh and exciting. It’s perhaps opening up the idea of drawing macro conclusions about the success of certain color patterns. The idea of culling this type of information (conclusions?) from of our material culture past is quite fascinating.


progetto NON FINITO – Pouf 042 (detail)

Here are a number of images from the exhibition that explore similar colors used in these two different mediums.


progetto PALMADOR – Deconstruction Table


progetto PALMADOR – Big One Table


progetto PALMADOR – Penta table (above and below)



progetto PALMADOR – Totem screen

 Drawing connections over time is a beautiful and rich exercise that seems to create the possibility of bringing history alive and  into focus in a way that is very relevant to our lives today.


Some other photos of Dimore Studio’s work the illuminate their masterful and carefully edited use of color and texture:







This is what the Seine looked like this morning … no boats passing through Paris at this point.

IMG_4714 IMG_4716

Here’s hoping for a little sunshine! Bon weekend!



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