Beautiful silver and glass


How to design wine glasses and a carafe using silver or metal while knowing that wine oxidizes fast when in contact with these elements? The solution….by keeping them apart!  The ‘Sommelier collection’ designed by London-based designer Michael Anasstassiades and Enrico Bernardo (sommelier and owner of Michelin-starred Il Vino in Paris) for Puiforcat is sleek, beautiful – and brilliantly functional. The partnership is inspired, combining Anasstassiades’s passion for light and its properties with Bernardo’s expertise as a master sommelier. The glass collection basically comprises exquisite blown glass bowls with their stems removed.


The drinking vessels, (in glass hand-blown in the Czech Republic) nestle securely and with poise on their sculptural silver-plated stands creating a subtle relationship between the two – clear light and solid matter.


  And just look at the beautiful reflections of the contrasting materials on the table top.


The shape of each glass is created in such a way that concentrates the wine at an angle, so slowing any oxidation process. The idea of the glass shape came from Bernardo observing that few people in fact use the stem of their wine glasses but rather hold the base of the bowls.


michael-anastassiades-sommelier-collection-puiforcat-designboom-aWine server and glass

All images courtesy of Puiforcat

Brilliant design,  simple and sophisticated – like all the best things in life!

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