Henry Dakak Jr. – HHD

Guided by his intuition and imagination young Lebanese designer Henry Dakak spontaneously employs his knowledge of historical techniques to create contemporary furniture and lighting. His laboratory in Beirut is in the old factory of his grandfather’s furniture company. He is inspired by the art of cinema, machines and engineering to create objects that he describes as ‘time vessels that transcend different eras’. These objects tell stories and speak to the present generation by marrying  historical technique, timeless forms and iconic materials with recycling, free association and luxury. Here are some of out favorite pieces from his collection.


Chapirou console 2 picsChapitou console top

Chapitou Console

Brushed steel, brass and glass accentuate and tame the rough bolder suspended in the base.


  1. Star TableAce collection side tables – star table

Bronze inlay is a technique invented by André-Charles Boulle in the late 17th and 18th century.

Henry has employed the technique here to create the Star Table (right), which is inlaid with small bronze “nuggets” and finished with   a French polish, giving it a celestial effect.


Low Table x

Low Table X topLow table X – Table top constructed from the extensions of a 19th century dining table, belted together with a cornice frame that also holds 2 drawers.


Golden Console 1

Golden Console open drawer

Golden console open drawers upcloseGolden console I

Both retro and novel, inspired by craft tradition.  Hand carved from different types of wood.


Gothic Revival selletteGothic revival sellette 

Bronze craftsmanship and a rotating top brings this majestic, hand-carved wooden sellette alive. As a sculpture stand, side table, or simply etc.


Table Soleil

Table soleil

Casted from an original Roman medallion. It takes its inspiration from the ancient sun dials that were used to keep time.


Micro LampMicro lamp

Constructed from the parts of older lamps. It can be personalized with initials or numerals.


Bronze mirror vase and steel coin vaseBronze mirrored vases with hand-carved detail


an aged steel vase with a Roman coin replica wax-casted in bronze


Bullet BougeoirBullet bougeoir 

A tin can with a bullet through the center—target practice for a partisan—was reincarnated into a bronze, wax-casted single candleholder.



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