Friday Finds! AD Interiors Paris 2015



The 6th edition of AD Interiors opens in the beautiful Palais d’Iena this weekend (5-20 September).  The theme is ‘A l’avant garde du style’ and 15 designers and interior architects will be imagining and creating the ‘interiors of the future’. We’re showing you here a sneak preview so you can see the explosion of talent on display. Just makes your heart beat that little bit faster!


An office by Arthur Miranda and Jacques Bec of d’Oitoemporio. Look at the exquisite Italian Futurist glass table to the left and the 1970s fauteuils by Paco Rabanne.



Le ‘Salon de Joie’ by Alexandre de Betak who has worked on the scenography for the defilés of Dior, Isabel Marant and Hussein Chalayan – you can definitely see the theatrical element here!  Using cement, wood and neon lights Betak has created a real sense of energy.



Le ‘Salon d’etude’ by Bismut & Bismut.  We can’t  take our eyes off that stunning alabaster fauteuil by Rik Owens (edition Carpenters Workshop Gallery).



In creating this dining room/salon, Isabelle Stanislas has responded to our less formal modern way of living – the barriers between dining room and salon have melted away. Love the splash of pink on the left wall.



Le ‘Salon de Lecture’ is a masterpiece of subtle harmony by Argentinian architect and designer Luis Laplace. Personal favorites are the beautiful Lalique table lamp and the low marble table to the right (Laplace bespoke).


AD INTERIEURS 2015. Palais d’Iena,  9 Place d’Iena, 75016. 5-20 September.

All images courtesy of AD Collections.

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