AD Collections at Quai d’Orsay, Paris

 Architectural Digest opened the first edition of AD Collections last week coinciding withPAD Paris.   It was an exhibition staged by renowned French designer and museographer Adrien Gardère, to present le travail de créatures de mobilier d’exception!  50 designers each chose three pieces to exhibit for a total of 150 pieces of design that were presented in several adjoining Second Empire rooms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.  The visual impact was quite intense at first and then we settled in and focused on the objects individually and were enchanted.
The designers chosen for this exhibition highly value the traditional heritage of
craftsmen and their techniques handed down and howned over the generations. They work with them to realize their pieces. In this way, the creative narrative is continued and enriched by the melding of older techniques with contemporary ideas. We too think this is important and inspiring.
AD Collections, Quai d'Orsay
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
Inside Entrance hall to AD Collections 2015
Overview 1First view of the exhibition!
interior shot 1
Overview with the pedestal table and low table in marble from Saint Pons by Pierre Gonalons for Galerie Armel Soyer visible in the back right side of the photo.
Sculptural forms created from a single material were  a strong trend in the work shown.  Here are a few of our favorites. (Plus a couple more in the photo above!)
Bureau by Joseph Dirand
The king of super-lux minimalism, Joseph Dirand, presented this bureau in burled elm (loupe d’orme) and table base (photo below) in Italian pierre ceppo. These two massive singular pieces were a welcome rest to our eyes and felt very ‘contemporary with gravitas’.
Table basse in pierre ceppo by Joseph Dirand
Bout de canapé by Erwan Boulloud

Console Osselet by Jean-Marc Lelouch

Fifteen years ago, Jean-Marc Lelouch started collaborating with one of our favorite designers, Philippe Hiquilly, and began exploring different materials. You can see the influence in this fabulous bronze work. Monumental and poetic, in this dazzling piece Lelouch  loves the light play that the surface texture (created with a hammer) achieves.  It could be described as fictional sculpture.


Chaise longue Luge, Thomas Lemut

Chaise Longue Luge by Thomas Lemut at Galerie Fumi (limited ed. of 3)

This laminated sycamore, walnut and  cherrywood chaise longue, which was handmade in Austria, revisits the theme of combining winter sport with furniture started by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann.  As reported in Le Figaro (in French) and by the Chair Blog (in English) Ruhlmann’s “adjustable Lounge Chair mounted on skis was reportedly designed for the Maharaja of Indore by Emile-Jacques Ruhlman (1879-1933) in 1929.”  (It was sold in Christie’s Sale 1000, Les Collections du Chateau de Gourdon. 29 – 31 March 2011, Paris, France for €2,865,000 ($4,067,997).)

We point this out to underline the sculptural theme in much of the design in this exhibition and in particular through the work of Lemut. This is also to help one to visualize the evolution of taste/aesthetics of collectible design. See the two chairs together below. The coherent and singular nature of Lemut’s expression is the epitome of contemporary luxury at the moment.

Lounge-Chair-on-Skis-by-Emile-Jacques-Ruhlmannb0ac3af5-eb2e-4d3f-977e-64700c9f046d  ~~
Roissy Table by Stephane Parmentier 
Pure lines and a noble materials are combined in the minimalist work of Stephane Parmentier, who heads Artistic Direction for Christofle. We loved the play of geometric forms, which are fully experienced thanks to the bold contrasts of black Marquinia marble and white statuary marble.
Light by Jean-Louis Deniot
Lamp by Jean Louis Deniot
Geometric forms also come into play in this lamp in bronze, brass and eglomisé glass by Jean Louis Deniot. Voted into the AD Top 100 interior designers of 2014, this young Parisian who is a graduate of the Ecole Camondo and has created projects all over France and abroad from New Delhi to LA.
In the following pieces the combination of strong geometric lines and a powerful sense of volume create a potent and decorative effect.

Bismut & Bismut. Table and bibliotheque in white gold, platinum, silver and aluminium

 Table and bibliothèque in white gold, silver, platinum and aluminum
by Bismut & Bismut
The architects and designers, Bismut & Bismut (Daniel & Michel) explore and play with materials and volume in their work with spectacular results, as in the table and bibliotheque shown here. Their ‘vocabulary’ is minimal and their materials, often sharp steel combined with gold, platinum and silver are worked into strong sculptural geometric forms which appear both sensual and severe.
Chahan Minassian & George Floret. Tble, guéridon and paravent in patinated brass and rock crystal
 Table, guéridon and paravent in patinated brass and rock crystal
by Chahan Minassian and George Floret
The designer Chahan Minassian and the architect Georges Floret share a passion for semi-precious stones, gemstones and natural crystals and worked together on these stunning pieces in steel, bronze, rock crystal and quartz, giving value to each distinctive element. The delicate and faceted lines of crystal combined in a sort of patchwork pattern combine with the steel to create a powerfully sculptural effect.
Lamp in bronze, brass and eglomisé glass by Jean-Louis Deniot, voted into the AD Top 100 interior designers of 2014
Lustre Chromosome by Patrick E. Naggar Lustre Chromosome by Patrick E. Naggar for Veronese
This dazzling light by Patrick E. Naggar took 6 months of reflection to conceive. It is made of four pieces of blown glass exclusively made by Veronese for Ralph Pucci in ateliers in Murano with fibre optics producing the light within. Naggar has explained he wanted to symbolize the past by using Murano glass and the future by incorporating fibre optics. it appears like a hanging glass sculpture with lines of light radiating out.
Emmanuel Bossuet. Lustre 'Appolonius'
 Lustre ‘Appolonius’ by Emmanuele Bossuet
The ‘Appolonius’ light is among the first produced by Emmanuel Bossuet for Maison Charles, of which he is Artistic Director. A metre in diameter, it is quite simply breathtaking. The light is dispersed through the ends of large tubes perfectly worked into a circular overall form with strong sculptural qualities. Highly covetable!
Two Personal Favorites
Francois-Joseph Graf. Chair in maple and black oak

Chair in maple and black oak  by Francois-Joseph Graf

We couldn’t resist this beautiful chair by Francois-Joseph Graf. The strong horizontal black and cream lines make such a powerful statement. This ‘homme du talent’ created the fabulous period rooms in the Musée des Arts Decoratifs here in Paris.
Have a great weekend!

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Collectible Design Market News
Lidewij Edelkoort, the famous Dutch trend forecaster is curating Design Oracles, an exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, which opens tomorrow. Drawing from the collection of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) – one of the largest visual arts centers in Europe. Edelkoort says, “Questioning the notion of an object in an age of flux and information may help us better understand and meet the challenges of the constantly-evolving world, and the exhibition aims to bring together objects embedded with a prophetic power to anticipate or reveal lifestyles and the domestic landscape at large.”We will have more on this next Friday for sure!
Design Days Dubai Review by Anna Kats for Blouin Artinfo
Carwan at Design Days Dubai
Beirut -based Carwan Gallery‘s stand at Design Days Dubai featuring lighting by Italian designer Vincenzo De Cotiis. De Cotiis’s work was shown last week at Art Paris Art Fair by Galerie L’Eclaireur, which opened a gallery space in Les Puces last year.
Blouin Artinfo’s Design and Architecture editor Anna Kats wrote an insightful article about the 4th annual Design Days Dubai Fair – the largest design fair in the Middle East – that just closed last week. 
Her interview with the fair director director Cyril Zammit sheds light on how the fair is defining itself and the market for collectible design in the Middle East. The fair focuses on high quality non-western design. You won’t find any Charlotte Perriand here!  Instead you can expect to make new discoveries of “emerging and established practitioners from Dubai, the surrounding region, and further afield.”
Considering that the fair is actually introducing and creating this market the reviews seem to be that the crowds are engaging more with the vendors this year and that sales, while sales are slowly increasing. Read the full article here.
 Jasper Morrison Retrospective

Centre d’Innovation et de Design (CID), Grand Hornu, Belgium
10 May – 13 September 2015

This retrospective will celebrate the broad body of work of British industrial designer Jasper Morrison. Furniture, kitchenware and home electronics from Morrison’s 35-year career will be accompanied by archive material in a specially designed installation that mirrors his minimal style.



Postmodernism 1980-1995
Helsinki Design Museum, Finland
Open until 17 May 2015
Don’t miss this wonderful exhibition which closes 17 May. It presents Postmodernism from a Finnish perspective during the years between 1980 and 1995 will be highlighted in Helsinki, as part of an exhibition spanning architecture, design, popular culture and the arts.

Work by Finnish designers Stefan Lindfors, Leena Luostarinen, Rita Taskinen and Vesa Varrela will be displayed alongside products by international names such as Aldo Rossi, Nathalie du Pasquier and Philippe Starck.


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