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You can see this spectacular table on Maria Wettergren’s stand at PAD Paris later this month. The ‘Growth Table’ by Danish-born London-based designer Mathias Bengtsson  is in beautiful solid walnut wood. Combining technology and the laws of nature, this masterpiece of organic design was created by a ‘digital seed’ that grows in a virtual world inside a computer program designed by the artist. In a biomimicry process the digital seed emulates natural growth. The form is not defined ahead of time but emerges as a result of the growth process. There is also a version in bronze.

 Lmited edition of 8 unique pieces (+ 4 A.P). 160 x 90 x 75cm. (2014). 

growth table 3 LLD

You might remember The ‘Growth Chair” created by Matthias Bengtsson in 2012 from our previous post.

We liked this short and interesting piece on Bengtsson in Architectural Digest. 
‘Usnea” 2010 by Gjertrude Hals.  Handspun wool, silk beard lichen. Height 250cm. Unique piece. Galerie Wettergren will also be showing the work of Norwegian Gjertrude Hals, one of Scandinavia’s most innovative and prominent fibre optic artists.
Images of works by Mathias Bengtsson and Gjertrude Hals courtesy of Maria Wettergren. 
Further evidence of the growing strength of the Scandinavian design market –  Artcurial will be holding their first sale devoted entirely to Scandinavian Design in May this year.  Albrich Speer is joining the department as consultant. A passionate connoisseur, Speer has been collecting works by Hans J Wegner, Kaare Klint, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl for over fifteen years and has now moved to the other side of the business.  Should be an interesting sale.
From 26th March to 5th April, Architectural Digest will be presenting ‘AD Collections’ in the beautiful salons of Le Ministère français des affaires étrangères et du Developpement international  on Quai d’Orsay (image above).  Fifty artisans, decorators and designers will each be presenting three pieces chosen by AD with an emphasis on exquisite workmanship and noble materials.  Scenography will be by Studio Adrien Gardère and among the exhibitors are some of our favorites – Joseph Dirand, Pierre Gonalons, Eric Schmitt and Ingrid Donat. Not to be missed!
A preview above of  some works showing at AD Collections:
1. Vincent Dubourg, bronze commode 2014 (Carpenters Workshop Gallery)
2. Edwin Boulloud , Buffet ‘Rosanna’, oak and bronze.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.04.13 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.03.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.03.13 PM
 Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.03.31 PM
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