Fabulous lights by Max Ingrand!

These hanging lights by Max Ingrand are high on our must-have list!  His approach to light design was inspired by a true love of his materials and a profound understanding of the life-giving force of light itself. For Ingrand , “noble and precious, glass seems to be the ideal complement to light which is itself connected to life”.

These two highly covetable pairs of lights are in the upcoming Artcurial Design Sale in Paris on 19 May. Irresistible!


A pair of metal and glass pendant lamps, circa 1960. Edition Fontana Arte. H90cm x W60cm.

Lot 122. Estimate €12,000-14,000. 



A pair of nickeled metal and sanded glass pendant lamps, circa 1955. Edition Fontana Arte. H100cm x W37cm x D37cm.

Lot 123. Estimate €9,000-11,000.


Both these pairs of pendant lamps would look stunning in these interiors below.

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Images courtesy of Artcurial and Pinterest

We can often locate specific models of Max Ingrand lights for you.

Get in touch with us for inquiries at contact@arte-case.com or 06 22 37 44 72.


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