Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux




Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux (1894 – 1996), was an American art deco designer who worked in Paris during the 1920s having studied art at the Art Students League in Manhattan.

An integral part of 1920s Paris café society, she set up a design and decoration company in 1926 with Evelyn Wild who had worked with Eileen Gray. Eyre de Lanux concentrated on producing objects for small spaces. She created exquisitely refined Art Deco pieces with restrained, almost austere lines which belied her rather extravagant character and lifestyle! The financial crisis of 1929 began the downfall of her company which finally closed in 1935 – consequently her pieces are rare as her career was short-lived but brilliant. We can only imagine what she would have gone on to produce…

Image 1 – Small seat in lacquered wood with cone-shaped feet. c1930

Image 2 – Parchment-wrapped cabinet with amber handle and a black lacquered interior, c1930.

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